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The first online games appeared way back in the 80s but back then to play online didn't yet mean that many thousands of people could play online together in a graphical, sometimes even animated world via the Internet. Many of the first online games ran over email via which players were informed of the moves their opponents made. The first graphical online games appeared on the Internet in the 90s.

There's a difference between pure browser games and client-based multiplayer games on the Internet. upjers concentrates on browser games for which you don't need to download any software or programs. Instead, you can start playing right away in your browser. For many online games, common plugins like Flash are required: they bring graphically intensive animated worlds to your browser and to your monitor.

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Let yourself be captivated by fascinating game scenarios, incredible graphics and detailed animation. The online games from upjers can be played right in your browser and offer everyone something new. Animal lovers, crazy adventurers and brave treasure hunters, gardeners and dreamy landlubbers, cool strategists and hard-nosed business lovers: everyone can explore their passion and enjoy their favorite settings by playing online.

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Get acquainted with exciting game worlds and find your favorite game in the colorful offering of online games. Become the director of a zoo or manage a crazy hospital, put on your armor and defeat a dragon, pick up a shovel and put on climbing gear and go treasure hunting or set sail and become an infamous pirate!

upjers offers you complex construction and management games and strategy games in which you can show off your managerial skills in various areas of life and ages of history as well as viscerally exciting action and adventure games from fantasy to monster trucks.

Games on the Internet: Play Together With Loads of People!

Online games aren't so popular just because they're a hobby for a few individual people but rather because they offer a large social platform in which you can playfully interact with many other players. Thanks to the shared interest in online games that you can play online, it's easier for new friendships to develop. The many ways that you can communicate and interact with each other help them grow faster. In the game you'll meet people with the same or similar interests. It's also possible to have a friendly chat at the garden fence separated by hundreds of kilometers and to bring people together who would never meet each other in real life. It's not uncommon for game acquaintances to become real friends. Since the online games from upjers are all free to play, no one needs to worry about being kept out of the garden club, for example. Everyone can participate and no one needs to pay a membership fee in order to be part of the community.