Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Animals, attractions, awesomeness! Save the zoo! Get visitors, take care of cute animals and enjoy a spectacular game!

The Beastly Fun App

He stands before you, golden buttons glittering with splendor on a purple waistcoat, hat crowned with a matching top hat. He radiates confidence and you can't help but feel a bit intimidated when this man – the mayor – sets you a 48 hour deadline to whip your late great-aunt Josephine's zoo into shape. Your job is to fill the abandoned paths with eager visitors – and soon. If you fail, the land will be sold, and the mayor won't take any excuses. Your mission is clear: You have to save the zoo. In the gripping tycoon app “Zoo 2: Animal Park”, you fight for the survival of the small zoo.

Extensive Zoo Game Quests and Ambitious Goals

You clean enclosures, take care of adorable animals, expand your property, plant flowers, bushes and trees, set up restrooms, snack and souvenir shops. Your business acumen, born of necessity, helps your zoo flourish. Full of enthusiasm and with the help of the zoo's loyal friends, you'll become a successful manager. Experience a fantastic animal game work with many extraordinary features and customization options:

  • An exciting and entertaining zoo game story with a multitude of quests and tasks
  • A wide variety of cute, wild, exotic and unusual animals that grows with every level
  • Enchanting decorations with give you plenty of experience points
  • Regular events and animal game updates
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Gripping tycoon features which put your strategic skills to the test as you master zoo game challenges

An Animal Game Like No Other

Experience the wildly fun app “Zoo 2: Animal Park”. Take care of adorable animals, please your guests and turn your humble zoo into a visitor magnet. Let yourself be enchanted by this spectacular zoo app. Download the game now and play! Your zoo needs you!