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Zoo 2: Animal Park

Fantastic Animal Worlds in your Browser and as an App

Let yourself be enchanted by this extraordinary zoo game, available both as an app and as a browser game. Zoo 2: Animal Park immerses you in a charming game setting with adorable animals, a riveting story and plenty of entertaining quests.

Build enclosures, clean your paths, acquire new animals for your zoo, take care of them and feed them, breed cute offspring and decorate your zoological garden with lovely decorations. With each new level you’ll unlock new customization options. Play for free now and dive into the fantastic animal world of Zoo 2: Animal Park. Let’s go!

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This is the best game in the world and really fun!!!!!!!!
Such a fun game

Zoo 2: Animal Park – This Zoo Needs Your Help!

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Endless Possibilities

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Explore the Animal Diversity

It’s a ruthless deadline! 48 hours – that’s all the time the mayor has given you. In these two days, you need to clean up your late Aunt Josephine’s zoo, whip it into shape and attract more visitors. If you fail, the zoo will be closed, and the small lot sold. Time is of the essence! You throw yourself into the work, scrubbing the enclosures, feeding the animals, disposing of the trash, and acquiring new animals for your zoo. After all, stunning specimens will attract hordes of visitors. In the quirky and original zoo browser game Zoo 2: Animal Park, you slip into the role of a zoo director. Manage and design your own zoological garden. With every new level, you’ll have more options at your disposal. Learn about the zoo’s history, participate in engaging story quests, and bring countless secrets to light! Zoo 2: Animal Park can be played both as an app and as a browser game. Dive into the lovingly-detailed animal world with its sweet animations. Master exciting challenges and prove your skill as a zoo director. Regular updates, new animals and countless features are guaranteed to provider long-lasting fun. All you need to play Zoo 2: Animal Park is a free account on upjers.com and a smartphone or tablet. Get started now!