Minion Raid: Epic Monsters Game Info

Minion Raid: Epic Monsters

Fat loot for little monsters

The minions in this dungeon game have a powerful fighting spirit, but to succeed they need a trainer - are you ready for this minion mission?

In Minion Raid: Epic Monsters you'll train the little fighters to go into battle for you, because the epic battle for supremacy in the dungeon has broken out. The question is, who will be the next overlord.

Your minions learn their skills for battle during training. Through evolution you can level them up further. In addition, there are special abilities that play an important role in the arena. When you have well-trained minions, you should also acquire a suitable battle strategy. This includes a fitting fighting position for your minions. How do you set up your defense? Who fights in the front line - who attacks from the background? Find out the weak points of your opponents and you will subdue them all!

Who will become the overlord in Minion Raid: Epic Monsters?

The better your minions are trained, the more success you'll have in this idle fighting game. Your skills as a trainer also determine the quality of your minion training. Therefore, you should regularly upgrade your trainer skills - among other things, you can do that with gold. And where do you get gold? Through Idle missions in the tavern and, of course, as loot after a victorious battle!

But there are not only PvE battles in the arena, but also tournaments in the dungeon. These are held in PvP mode. With each victory, your reputation and position in the league increases. All this helps you to take over the supremacy in the dungeon.

Besides, you can join a guild and fight together for glory, honor, and epic loot.

Let the underworld be scared stiff before your minions!

To teach the monsters in the dungeon some fear, you'll need minions that are strong in battle. Upgrade their abilities in training and develop their special skills through evolution. However, you don't have to go into battle unprepared: Before facing your opponents in the arena, you can start test campaigns to check if your strategy works.

On a map you'll always see your progress over the areas you've already conquered. In addition, event raids keep the excitement in the game alive.

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