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Welcome to the 19th century! The browser game Uptasia lets you shape your own economic empire. You start by building a bakery, baking rolls, serving your customers and expanding your production sites step by step. The villa, a special area inside the game, lets you solve puzzles by finding hidden objects.

You’ve got 60 seconds, to find several items hidden in an image and click them. Speed and precision counts and will help you gain more points. The browser game Uptasia lets you play hidden object games for free.

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You really have me hooked on this game. Love it!
What a well crafted and beautifully designed game.

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Experience an entertaining browser game that enables you to play free-to-play hidden object games online. The varied game Uptasia lets you build your own economic empire. During the course of the game, you will place a variety of production buildings and factories on your map, produce goods, and sell them to your customers. You can maintain your production sites by mining the resources stone and wood. On top of that, you’ve got access to another thrilling feature: the villa. Your challenge here is to solve hidden object puzzles: find a variety of items hidden in a picture within 60 seconds, and click them. Accuracy and speed count and will gain you more bonus points. If you click a wrong item, the remaining time will be reduced.

Uptasia lets you experience hidden puzzle games in an impressive setting. The browser game isn’t just free-to-play; it even transports you to the 19th century. Explore idyllic landscape, bustling market places, and stately homes. With each level-up, you may play even trickier hidden object games online. And you’ve got a variety of features at hand! Give it a go, and discover one of the perks of playing games: being able to play hidden puzzle games online and for free. All you need is a portal account on upjers.com, and you can start exploring the fascinating world of hidden object games online. Join in for free now!