Merge Fight Fantasy Game Info

Merge Fight Fantasy

You are in the Middle Ages. A few knights are idling in front of your castle. Show them that they are even stronger together! With a swipe of your finger, you trigger their fusion and promote them to a higher level. Soon you can look forward to new little fighters. They regularly appear in boxes in front of the castle gate. Open them and be surprised who will join your battle troop…

Noble and idle: Your fantasy knights

Your colorful fantasy army consists of very different fighters with special skills. Among the units you'll find the swordsmen - they are responsible for close combat and are therefore always in the front line. They can dish it out well and also take a beating. For the attack from a distance, the archers are suitable. They get support from the air by dragons. They fly over the ground units and attack your opponents from above. In addition, you'll find many other fighters in Merge Fight Fantasy, such as mages, mace-wielders, gnomes, and harpies - a typical fantasy army.

Merge and fuse – The career of your battle-troop

But how do your fighters and heroes gain strength to stand up to larger opponents? Quite simply through fusion. Tap a small idle knight in front of your base and push him onto a knight with the same level. The two will merge to the next higher level. They also make room for new fighters in your base when two knights become one. New fighters arrive in chests in front of your base and can be opened after a cooldown. You also get reinforcements in the form of heroes and companions via special treasure chests

Other special features in Merge Fight Fantasy

In the course of the game, among others, a Berserker will join your Middle Ages fighting force. He has the special ability to motivate your units to strike faster and harder. The Red Panda follows a completely different battle strategy. He is your companion in battle and can slow down opponents with a cuddle attack. He also has a powerful roundhouse kick with which he can deal out a lot. The heroes and companions can also reach higher levels through merge and fusion and thus become even stronger.

The special attacks of the heroes and companions in the fantasy game are triggered by pressing a button. However, the gnomes, knights, and other fighters will find their way to the opponent on their own. You just have to make sure that they are superior to the opponent in terms of fighting strength.

In addition to regular battles, you can also participate in the Daily Challenge. The goal here is to win as many fights as possible in a row during an attack wave, in order to collect extra rewards.

Get ready for a fantasy adventure in the Middle Ages and many fighting knights: Play merge fight fantasy now!