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KapiRegnum – Develop a medieval village

The medieval browser game KapiRegnum lets you start into a truly unique career: here, you’ll make it from lowly villein to archduke – at least that’s the ambitious goal you’ve set for yourself, and mean to reach in this browser game. In the process, you place a variety of different buildings, produce goods, and trade with your fellow players.

Plan your own online games village and, thanks to cunning economic decisions, turn it into a prosperous town. Experience this browser-based upjers game, play along for free and explore the fascinating world of Kapi Regnum on the internet.

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You are still right at the start, but you’ve got one vision: you want to make it from lowly villein to powerful archduke. You’ve got a long way ahead of you, but you are ready to face the challenges. Finally, you’ll be able to shape your own fate! The medieval browser game KapiRegnum lets you develop your own village. The further you level up in this game, the vaster the array of features you have at your disposal. Discover the many amazing functions this extraordinary economy simulation offers you!

Construct buildings – from animal breeding to agriculture up to residential buildings – and produce up to 100 different products as the Kapi Regnum, a true gem among browser games, progresses, and trade with your fellow players. Prove you are a cunning trader and turn your humble hamlet into a financially prospering metropolis. Kapi Regnum offers you a truly special online games-scenario. The economy simulation is played with a browser – that means that all calculations made in the game are carried out on the server’s side.

Thus, thousands of players are able to play together on just one server, and get in touch with each other. Experience Kapi Regnum, a browser game made by upjers - a game that’s got what it takes. What are you waiting for? Sign up and play along for free now!

The medieval browser game

In the medieval browser game KapiRegnum, you set about developing your own village. You place a variety of different buildings, and develop your own agriculture, build your very own brewery, or breed cattle. Of course you may also place residential buildings – your dedicated employees need a firm roof over their heads, after all. Your goal is, to develop your own business empire, and make your way from low-ranking villein to influential archduke. Of course you’ve got a wide variety of features and online games- features at hand to do so.

As is common on browser games, or rather browser based economy simulations, you’ll have a large variety of products at hand that you’ll be able to produce, as the game progresses: more than 100, that is. Trade with virtual customers, interact with your fellow players, and barter for the best bargain. The economy simulation Kapi Regnum is situated in a truly special setting. Discover the Middle Ages, and write your very own success story. Another great advantage: KapiRegnum is entirely free-to-play. To enjoy a true browser-based jewel among online games, all you need is a working and web-enabled PC, and you can get started and play this upjers game directly on the internet.

Sign up and create a free account right here on our portal, and dive into the Middle Ages. Be part of it all, and get started right away. If you already have a portal-account, then all you need to do is add Kapi Regnum as new game. Join KapiRegnum, manage your own medieval village, and make it to archduke: come play medieval games online now!

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Living a well-to-do life as wealthy archduke – wouldn’t that be just the thing? Well, you’ll have to train your patience just a tad longer, for you have set yourself a challenging goal. But, of course, you’ll do all it takes to reach it. Sign up on what is a true classic among the medieval games online: the browser game Kapi Regnum lets you develop your own village directly on the internet. Place buildings, develop your own agriculture, breed animals, place residential buildings, and manage your own brewery.

The features, options, and functions Kapi Regnum, which ranks among the genre of browser games, offers you, are truly wide-ranged. Thus, you’ll be able to produce more than 100 products during the course of the game. The higher your level, the larger the array of options you’ll have at hand to plan and develop your town. Turn your once humble hamlet into a flourishing medieval metropolis step by step. Expand your economic power, and work your way up to the top; secure yourself glory and respect, by clever economic decisions.

Experience the unique online games-setting Kapi Regnum offers you, and join in for free now. You can sign up right here in upjers’ game-portal, create a free account, and play along for free. Discover KapiRegnum’s fascinating medieval world, and make your dream of a life as archduke come true. Start climbing up the social ladder now, in a truly captivating browser-based game made by upjers.