Zoo 2: Animal Park
Create the Zoo of your Dreams
Experience Zoo 2: Animal Park! Manage your own zoo. Get exotic, wild, and unbelievably cute animals in your zoo. Play now!
Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo
Your Colorful Dino Zoo
A dream come true: Live dinosaurs to breed and play with! Build your own Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo!
My Free Farm 2
Gaming Fun on the Farm
This farm needs your help! Become a virtual farmer now and experience the browser game version of My Free Farm 2! Play free now!
Galaxy Splitter
Action Shooter in Space
This action game will beam you directly into a new galaxy with high-value cargo and trigger-happy enemies. Captain Smith will help you to start your galactic adventure and will show you how to make your spaceship combat-ready.
Horse 2: Pony Park
The horse racing game with a styling feature
In this horse riding game, you train your horses – properly styled you send them to horse races, dressage competitions and show jumping.
Food World Tycoon
Experience the Amazing Transport Game App
Food World Tycoon – Make food, serve customers, increase your profits and become a successful food entrepreneur.
Bingo Park
The free number game Bingo Park is waiting for you with short and sweet mini games - play Bingo Park now!
Enjoy fun, short mini games after completing a round of Bingo in your Bingo Park!
Solitaire Family World
Meet your solitaire challenges and create your whimsical theme park!
In this magical solitaire game you create your own enchanting theme park. Download now for free!
Kapi Hospital Tower 2
Hospital gaming app with unusual maladies
Kapi Hospital Tower 2 – Build your own hospital. Treat patients and cure the most unusual maladies. Become a demigod in white!
Stonies - The Stone Age Game
Craft spears, axes and fishing rods. Hunt, fish and collect berries. Support your Stonie tribe in the fight for survival in the Stone Age. Experience the Stone Age game in your browser!
MyFreeZoo Mobile
Experience the mobile zoo fun
Build and decorate your own zoo! The popular browser game My Free Zoo is available as a standalone mobile game.
My Little Farmies Mobile
The colorful world of My Little Farmies Mobile
My Little Farmies Mobile - Create your own medieval village! Keep cute animals, cultivate your fields and conduct trade!
Horse Farm
Manage your own Ranch
Love horses? Then you're in the right place! Play for free and discover the wonderful horse browser game Horse Farm!
Idle Kingdom Builder
Create your own kingdom
Idle Kingom Builder – Become the king of Idleville and erect your own kingdom. Experience the fun of gaming!
Fortress Clicker
Save your village from the monsters
Fortress Clicker – Experience the fantastic clicker app! Save your village, fortify your walls and fight terrifying monsters!
Cat Safari 2
Fuse your cats in this game app
Cat Safari 2 – Breed new breeds of cat! Fuse your felines and transform them from cuddly house cats into ferocious predators!
Rail World
Get on Track!
Rail World – Get in and enjoy the ride! Explore the wonderful train browser game Rail World, establish your own railroad empire and play for free now!
Idle Dungeon Heroes
Stop the Heroes and Defend your Treasure
Beware: A band of heroes wants to rob you! Set up traps and monsters in your dungeon to protect your treasure!
Molehill Empire 2
From watering can to plant research: Enjoy great gardening in your backyard farm
How do you build a Molehill Empire?! Take an ounce of gnome power and carefully blend it with trade, organic gardening and lots of humor!

upjers Mobile Games for Everyone

Bamberg games publisher and developer upjers’ extensive portfolio of tablet and smartphone games includes something for everyone. Be it farm simulation or space action adventure, fantastic fairy tale world with quirky story or sports strategy game – young and old alike will find the game that suits their tastes on upjers.com.

Players can create their own game worlds – erect peaceful empires or rout opponents in fast-paced battles. There’s no room for boredom with the broad pallet of Android and iPhone mobile games that can be downloaded and played for free.It doesn’t matter if you want to compete in action games, wind down with puzzles, or an enjoy a riveting logistics simulation – everyone is bound to find the perfect game for their tablet or smartphone.

Playing upjers free2play mobile games is super simple: just download the game for free and start playing. There’s nothing more to it!Thanks to regular updates with new features that expand and enrich existing game worlds continuously, you can look forward to long-lasting and entertaining fun even in the future!Create your own world! Tell your own story!

Which Free Gaming App Is Right for Me?

Strategy, Tycoon, or Action: There’s something for everyone in the vast selection of upjers mobile gaming apps for iOS and Android. Manage your own hospital in Kapi Hospital Tower, expand your collection of rare and exotic animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park, or establish an agricultural empire in My Free Farm 2.

With such a wide range of gaming apps, you’re sure to find your new favorite game! Practice your subtlety in the free action game League of Pirates or the sophisticated football simulation Kick & Goal: Soccer Match. Click your way to glory and riches in the idle games Fortress Clicker and Idle Kingdom Builder. Or prove your toughness in the action RPG Fight Die Repeat.

Tactic and strategy are in demand in the free smartphone game Deep Space Banana. Puzzle lovers and super sleuths will enjoy the hidden object game Uptasia and the puzzle game Glowing Darkness. Railroad enthusiasts will delight in the thrilling train tycoon game Rail World, while Harbor World rounds off the upjers portfolio of smartphone and tablet gaming apps with a transport simulation that lets you explore the oceans of the world. No boredom here! Free fun on the go is guaranteed in the upjers games for tablets and smartphones!

The Best Free Android and iPhone Games

What’s the best iPhone or Android game? Easy question with an easy answer: The one that’s the most fun to you! Are you looking for a light-hearted farm simulation, a sophisticated strategy game, a strategic challenge or breathtaking action? With a vast selection of free tycoon, simulation, strategy and action games for your mobile device, you’ll always find the right game for every occasion at upjers.com.

Suitable for smartphones with Android version 4.1 and up, or iPhones with iOS 8 or higher, the majority of our games will run on all smartphones and tablets released in the past five years. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find on upjers.com!

You can find the latest and greatest upjers mobile apps in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store by searching for the keyword “upjers”. Just download your favorite game and start playing without any complicated registration processes.