Create the mobile zoo of your dreams
Zoo 2: Animal Park
Zoo 2: Animal Park – Animals, attractions, awesomeness! Save the zoo! Get visitors, take care of cute animals and enjoy a spectacular game!
Create your own kingdom
Idle Kingdom Builder
Idle Kingom Builder – Become the king of Idleville and erect your own kingdom. Experience the fun of gaming!
Hospital gaming app with unusual maladies
Kapi Hospital Tower
Kapi Hospital Tower – Build your own hospital. Treat patients and cure the most unusual maladies. Become a demigod in white!
Here comes the sweetest candy farm in the world
Yummy Island
Yummy Island – Produce wonderful candy on your Yummy Island. The cute little Fluffies will make tasty treats for you!
A unique fantasy fairy tale world awaits you
upjers Wonderland
upjers Wonderland - Free your little sibling from the clutches of the terrifying shadow creatures and explore the mystifying realm of Wonderland and its inhabitants.
Manage your own ranch in this game app
Horse Farm
Horse Farm – Create your own ranch with beautiful horses, diverse buildings and fantastic features. Exciting challenges await!
The colorful world of My Little Farmies Mobile
My Little Farmies Mobile
My Little Farmies Mobile - Create your own medieval village! Keep cute animals, cultivate your fields and conduct trade!
Gaming fun in the farm app
My Free Farm 2
Discover the colorful world of My Free Farm 2 and build your own farm on your smartphone or tablet!
Experience the mobile zoo fun
MyFreeZoo Mobile
Build and decorate your own zoo! The popular browser game My Free Zoo is available as a standalone mobile game.
Secure the survival of your Stone Age tribe
Stonies – Secure the survival of your kin, master the harsh wilderness and help your tribe evolve!
Engage in exciting pirate game battles against real opponents
League of Pirates
League of Pirates – Hoist the sails and plunder the Caribbean! In this unique pirate game you'll engage in breathtaking PvP battles!
My Free Circus – the colorful world of the circus in a game app
My Free Circus
My Free Circus – Manage your very own circus! Create unique shows, hire performers, acquire exotic animals and fill your audience with enthusiasm!
Fight Die Repeat – Face off against terrifying monsters
Fight Die Repeat
Fight Die Repeat – Become a brave hero in the extraordinary action RPG app and do non-stop battle against fearsome monsters!
Save your village from the monsters
Fortress Clicker
Fortress Clicker – Experience the fantastic clicker app! Save your village, fortify your walls and fight terrifying monsters!
Guide the beam to the target in this puzzle app
Glowing Darkness
Glowing Darkness – Use exotic tools to split, color, and guide the beam of light to its target. Experience the puzzle fun!
Magical hidden object games in the unique world of Uptasia
Uptasia App
Discover the impressive world of Uptasia and experience the magic of hidden object games. Download this exciting app onto your tablet!
Fuse your cats in this game app
Cat Safari 2
Cat Safari 2 – Breed new breeds of cat! Fuse your felines and transform them from cuddly house cats into ferocious predators!
Embark on a railway game adventures
Rail World
Rail World – Build your own railroad empire! Transport passengers and goods, and expand your railway network. A railroad experience for people on the move!
Tend to your fields and keep cute animals
Farmy Farm
Farmy Farm – Cultivate fields, keep cute animals, make fantastic farm products and unlock many new game areas!
Use the four elements to fight hordes of monsters
Elements vs. Monsters
Fight against gruesome monsters with the help of the four elements. Get the app for your smartphone or tablet now!
Build your own harbor in this tycoon app
Harbor World
Become a harbor master in Harbor World. Visit the ports of the world and expand your own harbor!
Conquer outer space in the monkey game Deep Space Banana
Deep Space Banana
Deep Space Banana – Conquer outer space with your simian crew. Establish your own space station, assemble your fleet, and expand your territory!
A fantastic farm adventure awaits you
Farmer's Fairy Tale
Farmer's Fairy Tale - Set up your own farm, solve exciting quests and discover a mysterious fairy-tale realm.
Football game app for master trainers
Kick & Goal: Soccer Match
Kick & Goal: Soccer Match – Experience the thrill of the world’s most popular sport and launch your career as a football trainer.
Adventure game for brave ghost hunters
Spooky Heroes
In Spooky Heroes you are a ghost hunter. Defeat the ghost boss with your tactical fighting skills and build your ghost army.
Splash Rabbit Arena
Mobile magical fantasy-action with gesture control
Magic, Spells & Monsters
The fantastic action game with gesture control turns you into a wizard! Play Magic, Spells & Monsters, the magical action-adventure on your mobile now!
Idle Kingdom Clashes
The action strategy clicker: Build your kingdom – defeat your foes in thrilling PvP battles!

upjers Mobile Games for Everyone

Which Free Gaming App Is Right for Me?

The Best Free Android and iPhone Games

Bamberg games publisher and developer upjers’ extensive portfolio of tablet and smartphone games includes something for everyone. Be it farm simulation or space action adventure, fantastic fairy tale world with quirky story or sports strategy game – young and old alike will find the game that suits their tastes on

Players can create their own game worlds – erect peaceful empires or rout opponents in fast-paced battles. There’s no room for boredom with the broad pallet of Android and iPhone mobile games that can be downloaded and played for free.It doesn’t matter if you want to compete in action games, wind down with puzzles, or an enjoy a riveting logistics simulation – everyone is bound to find the perfect game for their tablet or smartphone.

Playing upjers free2play mobile games is super simple: just download the game for free and start playing. There’s nothing more to it!Thanks to regular updates with new features that expand and enrich existing game worlds continuously, you can look forward to long-lasting and entertaining fun even in the future!Create your own world! Tell your own story!