Galaxy Splitter
Action Shooter in Space
This action game will beam you directly into a new galaxy with high-value cargo and trigger-happy enemies. Captain Smith will help you to start your galactic adventure and will show you how to make your spaceship combat-ready.
Farmer's Fairy Tale
A fantastic farm adventure awaits you
Farmer's Fairy Tale - Set up your own farm, solve exciting quests and discover a mysterious fairy-tale realm.
Stonies - The Stone Age Game
Craft spears, axes and fishing rods. Hunt, fish and collect berries. Support your Stonie tribe in the fight for survival in the Stone Age. Experience the Stone Age game in your browser!
My Little Farmies
Between flour mill, field work and servant’s house
Build your own village – grow crops, breed animals, open artisan workshops and conduct trade on the farm and in foreign lands!
My Free Zoo
Beastly good browser-based entertainment!
Become a zoo director! In My Free Zoo, you’ll establish your very own zoo – build enclosures, acquire adorable animals and attract crowds of visitors!
Cute and cuddly puppies and kittens!
Your love cute dogs and cats? Then you should try out Wauies! Meet lots of cuddly animals and open your own pet shop in this unique and entertaining animal game.
My Sunny Resort
Create your own Vacation Paradise
Create your very own vacation paradise and prove your skill as a hotel manager. Pamper your guests and give them the vacation of a lifetime!
Uptasia – The fun hidden object game
Solve exciting hidden object puzzles and build your own town – Uptasia offers a delightful blend of tycoon and hidden object game.
Spooky Browser Game Fun
Become a lord of the underworld and build your own subterranean labyrinth with the help of subservient earth imps and other creatures.

upjers Download Games

Would you like to have an even faster access to your favorite upjers games? Due to the Home Editions of our games you can now experience the whole gaming fun by simply doing a double click!

Instead of working with plug ins, whose installation process requires a great effort, we converted many of our classic games to the new technologies. Some of these are My Little Farmies, My Free Zoo, and Uptasia.

The special benefit of the conversion is that you can download the most frequently played upjers games on your computer as a download version and that way you play them independently from browser and plug ins. You can simply download and install it, afterwards you can enjoy your favorite game by double-clicking on the icon.

What is the Advantage of the upjers Home Games?

Our download games provide you with numerous advantages: Many games, such as Uptasia or My Free Zoo, include exclusive game contents for the users of the home versions. If you install the Download Games on your computer, you will get, for instance, access to special areas or exclusive valuable rewards in the games.

In addition to your download game you will gain access to the most important functions of your upjers account by using the “Home” feature – that way you can get to the news, the blog and the support by clicking once. You can also access the intensely popular upjers points via the home feature – and like this you will even receive the double amount of points! By this means you will be able to redeem them for free premium currency for your game within a shorter period of time.

upjers Download Games: Safely the Best Gaming Experience

The upjers download games are the best choice for enjoying the full gaming fun. Thanks to the built-in updater your game will always be up-to-date. This also means: tiresome downloading or installing of external plug ins is not required!

If you have installed the upjers download versions on your PC, they will also load faster and you can immediately start playing. Besides that you will always be connected to the official upjers game servers due to the built in security measures.