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My Free Zoo – Create your own zoo in this browser game!

Cute animals, an enchanting setting as well as a large variety of features and functions popular on zoo browser games. The thoroughly impressive browser game My Free Zoo lets you open your own online zoo. You construct enclosures, place paths and embellish your browser game-zoo with flowers, trees as well as bushes and hold exotic animals.

The further you expand your animal park, the higher the amount of visitors that will come streaming into your zoo. This will in turn increase your revenues of zoo dollars. MyFreeZoo can be played entirely for free. Experience the amazing zoo-simulation made by Bamberg-based game producers upjers and play along for free!

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Who have we got here, that’s so cheekily peeking out of its enclosure? Why, it’s the cute meerkats! The truly multifaceted browser game My Free Zoo, made by Bamberg-based publishers upjers, lets you take on the role of zoo director. Your first and foremost task is to save the zoo, by attracting new visitors – for only with the aid of entrance fees, MyFreeZoo will be able to survive. So you set about placing your first enclosures, place pathways, plant flowers and trees, and build snack booths.

Diversity is the key: the larger the selection of different animals and decorations, the higher the amount of visitors you’ll attract. This will make the money come rolling in! Thus, as the zoo browser game progress, the amount of zoo-dollars you’ll be able to invest into your zoo will increase, and you’ll be able to use your funds to expand your animal park. With each new level, you’ve got additional exotic animals at your disposal that you’ll be able to place in different types of enclosures. As browser game, it can be played entirely for free, by the way.

You’ve got a computer and a working internet-connection? Then open your own animal park! Sign up on our portal, create a free account and play along! You are only a few clicks away from your own zoo. Play along for free now and experience the amazing features and functions of Free Zoo!

Design your own online-zoo

Even the pigs are squealing with delight: it’s a beautiful summer’s day; the visitors are strolling through MyFreeZoo, and are marveling at the countless animals – from camels over meerkats to goats or chimpanzees. The snack booths and souvenir shops are bustling with customers, and men, women, senior citizens, and children are having the time of their lives. No wonder: after all, your visitors have got lots to see and experience in your zoo. The colorful browser game My-Free-Zoo lets you open your very own virtual zoo. Here, you’ll plan and design your animal park entirely based on your own ideas.

As is usual on zoo browser games, you’ll have more and more options at hand as the game progresses. The higher you level up, the larger the array of functions, features, and areas you’ll have access to. Place enclosures and pathways, spruce up your zoo, build restrooms, and expand your zoo’s grounds. My Free Zoo enables you to, for instance, expand enclosures, so you can make room for additional animals of the same species. Of course your animals also need special care. Feed, entertain, and tend to them, for the happier your animals, the happier your visitors will be in turn.

Naturally, happy and content visitors are also inclined to spend more zoo dollars. The play money you gain will allow you to expand your zoo. Spice your own Free Zoo up with amazing decorations, and turn it into a true gem. Experience the vast array of options upjers’ browser games, such as My Free Zoo, are offering you, and play along for free now.

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A wealth of opportunities is awaiting you here: the entertaining, and highly varied browser game My Free Zoo lets you open your own zoo. The virtual animal park offers you a vast assortment of features and functions. Hold diverse animal species in the different enclosure-types: forest, jungle, water, or ice enclosures: they are yours to purchase. Feed, entertain, and tend to your animals in My Free Zoo. The happier your animals are, the more visitors will come streaming into your zoo, and so will the entrance fees!

Make your online zoo prettier, and expand it with awesome decorations, and make sure your visitors are equipped with snack and gift shops. With MyFreeZoo, German browser game producers upjers, are presenting their players a truly unique tycoon game-simulation. Discover the countless areas this gem among zoo browser games offers you, and play along for free now. Form friendships with fellow players, visit your friends’ zoos every day, and help out in their zoos, to be rewarded with points in return. Points will help you level up, and the higher your level, the larger the array of options you’ll have access to.

Trade card-pieces with your fellow players, and gain great animals. Breed cute baby animals, and stun your MyFreeZoo visitors with their cute offspring. Experience the extraordinary browser game My Free Zoo, and play along for free now! Become zoo-director, hold meerkats, elephants, chimpanzees, and many further exotic animals. Do you want to play My Free Zoo on the go? Then get started with My Free Zoo Mobile for your smartphone or tablet! The app is a standalone game and cannot be linked to existing accounts.