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Undermaster – Design your own Dungeon

Your rise to power in this entertaining online strategy game begins with a descent. In the delightfully dreary browser game Undermaster, you’ll delve deep down beneath the earth’s surface. There, you will create your very own dungeon. You can expand it over 6 stories; you’ll start out with eight different types of rooms. Lay floor tiles and attract the creatures of the depths!

Meet earth imps, trolls, vampires, warlocks and goblins. Strategically use their abilities and manage your own monster dungeon. Discover this impressive strategy game in the depths of the earth, and prove that you possess the skills and cunning foresight of an Undermaster.

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Undermaster is a wonderful experience for children and adults of all ages. From little imps to burly trolls, the creatures of the dungeon keep the player engaged in a fun experience. The creatures can also take part in a combat with the monster to earn rewards and glory needed to expand further into the depths. upjers' Undermaster game will keep you coming back for more fun!
Relaxed Dungeon Keeper - style browser game. You play it in 10 - 20 minute bursts every now and then. Can't say much about the Endgame stage yet, looks promising though. (guilds, trading, raiding, ...) Haven't encountered any paywalls yet. (seems mostly cosmetic + progression speed up)

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The Browser Game in the Underworld

They’re small, they’re hard-working, and they’re the first to come to your dungeon: the earth imps. These little guys tear down walls and love to cook. Preparing juicy steaks is their specialty. In the browser game Undermaster, the earth imps are the very first inhabitants of your dungeon. You love online roleplaying games and free strategy games? Then become an Undermaster now and manage your very own dungeon. Begin construction beneath earth’s surface, lay floor tiles and attract mythical beings. The earth imps will come first, but later more illustrious creatures will follow: trolls, goblins, warlocks, vampires, and succubi. Succubi are female demons that drive other dungeon inhabitants to work faster with the help of their trusty whips. After all, every creature in this strategy game has its own special abilities that you can use to expand your subterranean passages and rooms.

Discover a fascinating browser game that offers you cool online gaming features and an impressive setting in Undermaster. Let the goblins tinker and invent in the workshop to produce amazing products for export orders at their work benches. Trolls are true masters when it comes to crafting tools. To pursue their work in this strategy game, they require a smithy. You can build eight different types of rooms to begin with in Undermaster. Your entire dungeon can span 6 stories. Undermaster allows you to develop your own online game strategy in your dungeon and offers you an entertaining frame story. Manage your own lair now and play for free! All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and you’re ready to go. Join in! An amazing free strategy game experience awaits you!