Zoo 2: Animal Park
Create the Zoo of your Dreams
Experience Zoo 2: Animal Park! Manage your own zoo. Get exotic, wild, and unbelievably cute animals in your zoo. Play now!
Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo
Your Colorful Dino Zoo
A dream come true: Live dinosaurs to breed and play with! Build your own Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo!
My Free Farm 2
Gaming Fun on the Farm
This farm needs your help! Become a virtual farmer now and experience the browser game version of My Free Farm 2! Play free now!
Dark Gnome
Lead the dwarves to glory
Lead the oppressed dwarven people to glory and to power. Prove that you’re a real hero. Discover the captivating pixel browser game Dark Gnome.
Stonies - The Stone Age Game
Craft spears, axes and fishing rods. Hunt, fish and collect berries. Support your Stonie tribe in the fight for survival in the Stone Age. Experience the Stone Age game in your browser!
My Little Farmies
Between flour mill, field work and servant’s house
Build your own village – grow crops, breed animals, open artisan workshops and conduct trade on the farm and in foreign lands!
My Free Zoo
Beastly good browser-based entertainment!
Become a zoo director! In My Free Zoo, you’ll establish your very own zoo – build enclosures, acquire adorable animals and attract crowds of visitors!
Horse Farm
Manage your own Ranch
Love horses? Then you're in the right place! Play for free and discover the wonderful horse browser game Horse Farm!
Cute and cuddly puppies and kittens!
Your love cute dogs and cats? Then you should try out Wauies! Meet lots of cuddly animals and open your own pet shop in this unique and entertaining animal game.
My Sunny Resort
Create your own Vacation Paradise
Create your very own vacation paradise and prove your skill as a hotel manager. Pamper your guests and give them the vacation of a lifetime!
Uptasia – The fun hidden object game
Solve exciting hidden object puzzles and build your own town – Uptasia offers a delightful blend of tycoon and hidden object game.
My Free Farm
The first browser game with full organic power!
Your virtual farm is here! In My Free Farm, you’ll cultivate your own crops, keep animals and complete exciting challenges.
Spooky Browser Game Fun
Become a lord of the underworld and build your own subterranean labyrinth with the help of subservient earth imps and other creatures.
Garbage Garage
Become the cool junkyard king!
Run your own junkyard. Take apart cars, ships, and even planes! Sell the parts and expand your junkyard enterprise.
Kapi Hospital
Your own browser based hospital
Heal unusual diseases such as holepocks and smelly feet and treat your patients as the head physician of the crazy Kapi Hospital.
The garden simulation that comes with a green thumb
Take care of your own garden. Grow fruits and vegetables, harvest them, sell your produce and master countless exciting quests.
Kapi Regnum
Medieval economy simulation
Dive into the Middle Ages. Create your own village with diverse production opportunities and conduct trade. Rise up in society!

Browser Games – The full Online Gaming Fun for Every Taste

Browser games might be the easiest way to experience a computer game. By using upjers browser games you can immerse into the world of hidden objects in Uptasia together with the cat Bianca or you can manage your own zoo in Zoo 2: Animal Park. Or would you prefer creating your own transportation empire in Rail World?

You do not need a specific software or hardware for doing so. Each computer with a working internet connection and an up-to-date operating system as well as installed browser becomes the ideal gaming platform.

Hobby farmers will totally enjoy themselves by playing the charming 3D browser game My Free Farm 2. Farming and animal husbandry are especially fun due to the cute comic style. Or would you prefer managing your own medieval village? You can organize production chains, ensure constantly filled storage buildings and overflowing cash desks in My Little Farmies!

Regardless of which genre fascinates you – upjers provides games of every taste. Every gaming fan will find their ideal game from the upjers games catalog consisting of more than 30 exciting games. The broad range of upjers includes, besides the classical building-, strategy- and action games, exciting entertainment for each setting.

What are the Advantages of Browser Games?

Nowadays you often have to install a huge amount of data on your own PC to be able to play many modern games – regardless whether online multiplayer or solo games. Players who do not own a high-performance computer might not be able to play many of such games at all or only in a limited scope. There could also be other technical restrictions that prevent you from installing a game on your computer.

upjers browser games save you from this dilemma, because you only need a PC with a working internet connect and an up-to-date web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. You just need to access the upjers homepage, log into your account, click on “Play Now” and then you can start playing immediately!

Without any tiresome download processes the upjers browser games will take you to exciting game universes, in which you can take care of cute animals in My Free Zoo, lead you own pony farm in Horse Farm or create your own monster empire as an unholy Undermaster in the underworld.

How Can I Play Games in my Browser?

Interactive browser games have been a real rarity for a very long time. Many of the first browser games were more like table calculations than real games. A lot has changed since then. Plug ins, which were able to handle animated graphics, short movies, sounds, and user inputs have been designed for many internet browsers. Nowadays browsers are able to perform comprehensive games without additionally installed plug ins.

Therefore upjers - just like other game developers - has converted many of its browser games to the new technology. That means you can play all of our great classics immediately and without plug ins or additional programs.