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Wauies combines dog game features and cat game elements with a fascinating twist. Become a store owner today and open your very own virtual pet shop. Thrilling quests, entertaining quests and gripping challenges await you, as you take care of cats, dogs, and countless other critters!

Impress your customers with your four-legged friends and turn your store into a veritable pet paradise for people and animals alike. Design your store’s interior with countless customization options, make friends with other players, and explore what this extraordinary browser game all around dogs and cats has to offer. Play free now!

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Wauies – Free Animal Game at upjers.com

It’s finally time. You’ve just opened your very own pet shop, and the ball is already rolling. The first customers have set foot in your store, and you’ve been busy designing the interior of your shop when you’re not taking care of the irresistible puppies and kittens in their pens. Over the course of the game, you’ll unlock more and more features and ways to pamper your four-legged pals in Wauies. It’s a game setting that’s sure to draw you in! Wauies will captivate you with tons of pet-related activities. Your top priority is the wellbeing of your animals – be it Chihuahua puppies, Labrador Retrievers, French Bulldog puppies, Pug puppies or even a purring Persian kitten, your primary concern is ensuring the happiness of your little furry friends. And you’ll find a wide variety of stunning enclosures and accessories to help you with that in the game.

In Wauies, you’ll slip into the role of a freshly minted store owner, whose goal is to blow away customers with their pet shop. Exceptional online animal game features will help you make it possible. Wauies manages to combine the best of dog games and cat games in one harmonious and entertaining browser game. The game itself pays homage to Wauies, one of upjers’ earliest browser games that enjoyed tremendous popularity before it was eventually closed down due to heightened technical requirements. But the basic idea of the original Wauies lives on, and is realized in this stunning new form. Just as in the original iteration, you can take care of dogs here – but that’s only a fraction of what you will experience in this lovingly detailed new game in features as well as animal variety. Wauies offers you a unique opportunity to experience an animal game like no other. Try it out now and play for free!

Dog Games and Cat Games

They’re small, they’re cuddly, and the need your help! The cute animals in Wauies require proper care. In this browser game, you’ll open your very own pet store – but that comes with plenty of responsibilities. The happier your animals are, the more customers will come to your store to shop and browse. Feed, groom and play with your pets to ensure their contentment. Wauies provides a captivating browser game setting that skillfully blends dog game elements with cat game features. Try it out now and explore the wonderful world of animal games for free. As a browser game Wauies can be played for free over the internet. No downloads or installation required. This delightful pet game can be played on any computer with an internet connection – be it at home, at university or a café!

If you want to play animal games for free, you’ll find a well-rounded gaming experience in Wauies. You can register for this impressive blend of dog game and cat game on the upjers Portal at en.upjers.com. As soon as you’ve created your free Portal account and added Wauies, you can get started. If you’ve been itching to try games with animals, Wauies is certainly worth checking out. This browser game proves that free animals don’t just offer long-lasting fun, but can also hold plenty of surprises in store for you. Play for free now and explore the world of animal games online with this truly exceptional game. Cute Chihuahuas, Pugs, Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers, Main Coons, Persians and many other lovable pets await you!

Fascinating Games with Animals

Animal games captivate audiences of all ages. It’s not surprising really, after all – taking care of dogs and cats has a very special appeal for children and adults alike. In Wauies, you now have the possibility to make lots of four-legged friends in your very own virtual pet store. Slip into the role of a pet shop owner, and fill your store with unique pens, take care of animals, and serve customers looking for that special new family member. Wauies unites various pet-related themes in a single, well-rounded game concept. If dog games didn’t offer the diversity you were looking for, and cat games couldn’t fill the not-just-feline-shaped hole in your heart, Wauies is the game for you. And the best part is that Wauies is free to play, just like all the other upjers animal games. You can play for free via the Portal and discover this gripping blend of dog game and cat game.

Master countless pet game challenges and quests, unlock more and more animal game features, and sit back and enjoy the bustle of your virtual pet shop that only best animal games can offer. If you’re looking for animal games online, look no further – Wauies is the game for you. With us, you won’t just be able to play animal games for free, but also have the opportunity to be part of a great community with friendly players, fantastic events, and great new surprises in game. Try it out now. Register for free on upjers.com and launch into your grand animal adventure. We’re looking forward to seeing you!