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The rise of browser games cannot be stopped. The browser-based game experience began with text-based adventures and strategy games as well as simple board game classics like chess. In the meantime, though, browser games are every bit as impressive as retail box titles and client games. In terms of graphics and gameplay, they offer high levels of detail and complexity. With new financial models and ads it's possible to offer free online games for everyone and to remove all barriers to playing games. Whether it's as the director of a zoo, the boss of a major business, a pirate on the high seas, the trainer of a football or soccer team or a courageous hero of action-packed battles, you have the chance to slip into every role!

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Here you'll find all kinds of entertaining and exciting games with which you can really relax each evening with complex game worlds, incredible graphics and loads of interesting features. Play with millions of enthusiastic people, meet new friends, chat with them and share your gaming experiences.

Take care of plants and animals, plan campaigns, engage in trade, build worlds of cubes and learn magical skills. You can play all our free online games and embark on an exciting journey of discovery in the colorful world of games.

Pure Game Fun with upjers!

What kind of player are you? Would you rather chill out and play, stop to smell the flowers now and then, pull a few weeds, pet and feed some animals, or would you rather experience action and adventure, dare to venture into dangerous areas and sail the high seas, show evil creatures who's boss and prove yourself in legendary battles? upjers has a game for everyone, and you can play all our free online games.

Create living game worlds together with loads of other players!

The fascinating thing about online games is the connection with many real people in a complex game world that continually develops itself through players' interactions with each other and with the system, which gives the players great influence. You don't have to play alone. Instead, you'll be welcomed into a community. The many features and communication possibilities in online games and forums offer you an interactive, entertaining game experience. Engage in commerce with others, visit them in their cities, parks and gardens and help them with their “work” by watering their flowers, harvesting raw materials or caring for their animals. Fight in huge battles against other players or join them in guilds, clans and tribes and wade into battle together as brothers and sisters. Since browser games are largely platform independent and you can play free online games there's really no limit except for your time. Embark on your journey into the colorful, diverse world of browser games.