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Browser games began their ascendance in the last years of the preceding century. They've grown from simple text adventures and easy board games into table-based strategy games and business simulations all the way to graphically and technologically-demanding roleplaying games and complex construction and management simulations. Browser-based games are now every bit as impressive as retail box games. Thanks to the well-developed HTML 5 specifications and the compatibility of most browsers, it's now be possible for even real-time first-person shooters to conquer the browser and use the bridges built by Java, Flash and Unity plugins to make it possible to play free games right in your browser – even graphically intensive games.

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Free games: lots of diverting and entertaining games from upjers await you. Discover fascinating game worlds or build your own game world complete with cubes on your own.

Here you can play pure HTML games like the crazy hospital simulation Kapi Hospital or the famous farm game My Free Farm, but you can also dive into colorful, lively game worlds enabled by the Flash plugin right in your browser, like the cute zoo simulation My Free Zoo or the action-packed amusement park in My Fantastic Park. You can play them all online for free!.

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With the games from upjers you can slip into any role you can imagine and live out experiences ranging from relaxing gardening to heart-pounding roller coaster rides to breathtaking dragon battles. Kick back and relax or get ready for the time of your life. Become a magician, a hospital manager, a farmer, a painter or a Native American warrior! Since all games are free and you can play for free, you don't need to worry about your wallet while you hop aboard the carousel or flee from monstrous creatures.

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Browser-based games that everyone can play for free offer something even more important than their playful and graphical experiences: an incredible social and communicative potential. No one has to play alone because countless community features enable lively exchanges among players. Engage in commerce and trade goods with other players that you produce on your farm, in your garden or in the factories in your city, fight against each other in legendary battles or join together in guilds, clans, tribes and alliances, support each other and measure yourselves against rivals. Forums, chats and messaging systems offer you the ability to communicate with other game enthusiasts. In many games you can even visit other players' maps, have a look around and even lend your friends a helping hand right in the game just by watering flowers, harvesting raw materials or petting animals. Become a member of the community and play free games!