From Idyllic Town Life to Monster Battles

Free puzzle games come in all sorts of varieties. Solve hidden object game puzzles in Uptasia, and help the Uptasians recover a myriad of different object s hidden all over their beautiful town. Tackle tricky brainteasers in the form of additional riddles when hunting down items. Prove your strategic prowess in Undermaster, where you will fight epic battles with a variety of monsters, each with its own skills and abilities. It’s your job to create effective battle line-ups that make the most of their special talents.

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More than just Riddles

As you level your way up through worlds of puzzles, challenges and battles, you will often also be able to build up a world of your own on the side. Build a beautiful town and meet delightful characters such as Bianca the cat while you’re taking a break from hidden object games in Uptasia, or decorate a forbidding dungeon in Undermaster when you’re not busy conquering the world above. Experience the charms of country life while you wait for your crops to grow and build a flourishing town in My Little Farmies. No matter what you play, free puzzle games by upjers offer you all sorts of diversions.

Free Puzzle Games and More

If you love free puzzle games, but also want to discover more, is the place for you! Play countless browser games, from idyllic farming simulations to spine-chilling monster adventures. No downloads, no purchases necessary. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and you can dive right in!

Be a Part of a Thriving Community

Browser games aren’t just a convenient way to explore the world of games for free, they’re also a great platform to socialize and meet new friends. Use in-game chat and messaging systems or forums to share tips and tricks. Brag about your achievements and see how your fellow players are doing in free puzzle games. Compete for high scores that prove your puzzle-solving skills and make some new friends. Visit each other’s towns, dungeons, realms and gardens, and help out where you can – not only is it fun and exciting to see what your friends have created, but it even helps you progress!