Lucky Summer


What is the Lucky Summer promotion?

Beginning on September 2 at 12:00pm CEST, we'll be giving everyone a random extra bonus in addition to the regular bulk bonus.

Which bundles are eligible for the Lucky Summer promotion?

The same bundles that usually have a bonus (so 200 premium currency or more) are eligible for the Lucky Summer promotion. 

How much will I get extra?

You will get the regular bulk bonus on all applicable packages (so 10% on purchases of 200 premium currency, 20% on purchases of 500 premium currency, 30% on purchases of 1000 premium currency, 40% on purchases of 2,500 premium currency). Additionally, you will receive a random bonus (additive, not multiplicative), which is randomly determined as soon as the purchase has gone through. Your confirmation window will tell you how much you got. 

ie. with a purchase of 500 Diamonds, you would receive the regular bulk bonus (20%) and a random bonus of 10-30%. That means you could receive anywhere from 650 Diamonds (500 + 100 bulk bonus + 50 random bonus) to 750 Diamonds (500 + 100 bulk bonus + 150 random bonus).

Which payment methods are eligible?

You can benefit from the promotion with all payment providers, with the exception of phone and SMS providers and Video Coins (premium currency earned by watching advertisements in our payment area).

Which games are eligible for the promotion?

Purchases in all of our browser and Steam games are eligible, with the exception of games currently in the open beta. Apps are not eligible. Eligible bundles are marked with dice and a clover in the shop!

Still have questions? 

Our support team will gladly answer any questions you might have about the Lucky Summer promotion!