Yummy Island Game Info

Yummy Island

Heavenly Delicious Fun

This island is heaven on earth. Or, well, slightly above it. Green meadows, majestic trees and a very special candy farm await you high above the clouds on Yummy Island. Meet the adorable Fluffies. These round, fuzzy creatures will turn various home-grown crops into delightful sweets. Feed them strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers and pumpkins. Depending on your level, the Fluffies will turn them into mouthwatering ice cream, cookies, chocolate, candies, gummy bears, candy canes and macarons. These tasty treats are so out-of-this world that word of them has spread into the farthest reaches of the universe. Time and again, aliens will park their space ships on your flying islands to place orders to satisfy their sweet tooth. Yummy Island will captivate you with a unique fantasy farm experience. Discover the extraordinary world of the Fluffies and the amazing features that come with it:

  • Entertaining candy productions with gourmet goodies
  • Enchanting decorations for your Yummy Island – from daisies and sunflowers over haybales to flowerbeds and bird houses
  • Captivating quests and challenges to master
  • Fantastic buildings such as bakeries, jam shops and pastry stores, that you can build over the course of the game
  • Stunning 3D tycoon elements, in a colorful cartoon look
  • Fantasy farm fun spread out over many great levels
  • Challenging customer orders that let your earn in-game money
  • An original app concept with lots of sweet ideas
  • Countless customization options for your Yummy Island

Yummy Island – Discover the Sweetest Candy Farm

Ever hardworking, the little Fluffies will churn out tasty treats for you. Supply your eager customers with the fruits of their labor. Design your island. Decorate it with enchanting decorations and experience first-hand the captivating features of this unique fantasy farm game. Build your own candy farm with oodles of adorable Fluffies. You can recognize them by their fluffball appearance and cute accessories – ice cream cone hats and candy cane ears. Bamberg games developer upjers has prepared a sugary-sweet app treat for you in Yummy Island. Visit the magical island high above the clouds and shape it to your desires. Get the app now and experience candy heaven!