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Farmer's Conquest: Village Tales

Join the adventure on your fabulous farm

Your character in Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales is named Lily. Together with her grandfather she lives on a farm in the kingdom Bradenbourg. However, your idyllic life is abruptly disturbed when the nasty cattle dealer Bullock-Bill demands way too high tribute payments for the queen. But Lily wouldn’t be herself if she just played along! She takes matters into her own hands. During her journey through a battered kingdom, she will meet many interesting characters, encounter exciting challenges, and make some valuable allies. Will she be able to stop Bullock-Bill’s nasty scheming with your help?

Design your farm

In Farmer's Conquest - Village Tales you run your own farm: This includes cultivating fields, harvesting, keeping livestock, and much more. In order not to overload yourself with work, you set up building in which your employees will work for you. Productions only continue as long as the farm helpers from the village are active. Bring more and more villagers for Lily to the farm – they will busily start working right away and animate your farm.

Naturally, your employees also have demands: Always supply them with sufficient food, appropriate clothes, and other things that the villagers will need for executing their tasks. That way you will soon be able to access valuable raw materials. The greater the number of different products manufactured on your farm, the more complex the commodity circles and production chains will be in Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales.

Subsequently you can prove your sales talent by gainfully selling your manufactured products to customers that visit your farm. It goes without saying that you should design your farm beautifully for them. Decorations will attract even more customers to your farm.

On the way to new farm grounds – allies wanted!

Your farm is constantly growing, because more and more villagers would like to help you in Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales. Thus you can gradually expand your farm grounds by taking over new plots of land. This will provide you with more space for new production buildings.

However, your successful farm also attracts the mean cattle dealer Bullock-Bill. He demands way to high tribute payments for the queen from you! You are not the only one with that problem: Your neighbors also suffer because of the high tribute payments to Bullock-Bill. You can win them over as allies.

This is the beginning of your adventurous travel through the kingdom Bradenbourg. A blocked pass, a shy gnome, and a dark forest are waiting for you to be discovered. Together with your character Lily and her farm neighbors you will discover Bullock-Bill’s nasty scheming as well as the queen’s long hidden secret.

Start your adventure with Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales!

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