Farm 3: The Secret of Farming Game Info

Farm 3: The Secret of Farming

Country Life Calls in Farm 3: The Secret of Farming!

Turn your grandpa’s humble little farm into a successful agricultural enterprise with fertile fields and happy animals. Get the plow out of the shed and get started now!

But what’s this? In the process of tilling the fields, you’ll uncover treasures to dig up all around the farm. Little by little, you’ll reveal the farm game’s mysterious secret.

A Farm Game with a Thrilling Story and Mystery

Not long after taking up work in the fields, you can already spy a shady neighbor peeking over the garden fence. What is he up to?

But you won’t just find opposition in the village – there’s also plenty of help. Your grandfather’s old pals and acquaintances stop by on the farm regularly and help keep an eye on things.

Don’t be afraid to listen to their advice – it’ll surely help you get ahead faster in Farm 3: The Secret of Farming.

Farm Life is Fun

Your harvest is eagerly anticipated. There’s no shortage of willing buyers of fresh fruit and vegetables in the village. Supply truck driver Frank with farm-fresh produce and secure yourself regular income in Farm 3: The Secret of Farming.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on growing crops, you’ll be able to have animals move in on the farm. This allows you to expand your product range and number of potential customers too! After all- who can resist fresh eggs and milk straight from the pasture?

Provide the finishing touch for your farm with a variety of decorations. These don’t just look good, but also provide you with useful tools that allow you to repair things around the farm.

Compete with Other Players in the Village

The competition never sleeps in Farm 3: The Secret of Farming! On top of the all the agricultural challenges of day-to-day life in this farm game, you can compete with other players in contests.

Whether it’s daily or weekly challenges in the fields, always try to be faster and better than your opponents – there’s additional points and revenue for your farm to be had! You know what they say – competition is good for business!

Embark on your adventure, with spade, watering can and pitchfork in hand! Experience a fantastic farm world with animals, NPCs and a mysterious farm secret. Play Farm 3: The Secret of Farming today!

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fun to play
I'm really looking forward to this. The predecessors were amazing! I hope it comes out soon!
What a beautiful game!