upjers Wonderland Game Info

upjers Wonderland

The Fantastic Adventure Game

What a nightmare! Dark forces have abducted your beloved little sibling and whisked them away to a fantastical parallel universe. There's only one hope: you! Travel through the magic portal, face off against creepy shadow creatures, and experience the biggest adventure of your life as you save your best pal!

A graphically impressive, magnificent adventure for Android and iOS awaits you. Countless features, exciting challenges and a wide variety of lovingly detailed areas create a unique gaming experience:

  • A unique fantasy world inhabited by lovable, quirky characters. Explore the enchanting village in upjers Wonderland and meet whimsical inhabitants such as the mayor, his determined mother, the amusing turtle merchant Gonzales and the mysterious faun, a magical forest spirit.
  • Help out the villagers, talk to them and complete exciting adventure quests. Move into your own little cottage, decorate it, and cultivate your own garden with flowers, wheat and vegetables.
  • Take care of cute animals, feed them, and receive great products. Chickens, cows, and even crazy steel-wooled heavy metal sheep are just some of the fantastic creatures you'll encounter in upjers Wonderland.
  • Hunt for your lost sibling with your magical companion and explore perilous zones guarded by shadow creatures. Use sun stones to drive away these creepy beings. Use awesome action adventure features to fight and defeat the forces of darkness!
  • Collect resources such as wood, stones, apples and mushrooms.
  • Go fishing, solve entertaining puzzles, keep a pet and explore a map full of challenging taks every day.

Magical Moments in upjers Wonderland

Slip into the role of a curious boy or girl in the enchanting adventure game upjers Wonderland. Free your little sibling from the clutches of the terrifying shadow creatures. Explore the mystifying realm of Wonderland and its inhabitants. Let yourself be enchanted by comical, riveting and touching moments. Get the adventure app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store now! Dive into the magical adventure!