Spooky Heroes

Spooky Heroes – Go Ghost Hunting

Can you defeat the ghost boss?

Ease your way into the ghost hunting business in the captivating ghost app “Spooky Heroes.” Develop your own strategies and have ghosts you trapped do your bidding in battle. Pamper your ghosts in your very own haunted villa, so they’ll be content and happy to fight for you. Take good care of them and keep extending your village to welcome home more ethereal entities.


Ghoulish Battles Await you in Ghost Hunt Game Spooky Heroes

You love strategy games with battles? Then Spooky Heroes in the ghost game app for you! If you want to learn more about your ghosts’ useful (and terrifying) abilities, just throw a glance into the ghost book and prepare your assault. Improve your ghosts skills so that they can dish out even more damage. Experience the enticing spook game with its avalanche of features and game modes.


What you can look forward to in this frighteningly fun app:

- Excitement: Experience the suspense of a proper ghost hunt in the unique ghost game Spooky Heroes.

- Up-to-Dateness: Regular events and updates await you!

- Simplicity: Ghost game Spooky Heroes boasts intuitive controls

- Strategy: Prove your tactical skill

- Diversity: Every ghosts has its unique specialties. Figure out how to make optimal use of them!


Duel Other Players

Which team has the better tactics? At level 12, you can see how you measure up against other players in player vs. player mode (PvP games). Battle other ghost hunters and prove your skill in battle.

Spooky Heroes will have you embark on a captivating adventure you won’t abandon anytime soon. Are you ready for a hauntingly good time? Experience the supernaturally super ghost app “Spooky Heroes” and give into action-packed ghost battles. Download the app for free and join in the fun!