Splash Rabbit Arena

The Most Colorful Car Race

Put your paw to the metal! Fight for your team and your superiority on your turf. With your trusty card and paint roller, you’ll come screeching into the arena to beat out the competition and color as many fields as possible!

Every racing round, you’ll be assigned random team members and opponents. You’ll have two minutes to spread your color all over the garden with your teammates.

A Fun-Filled Rabbit Racing Game

Team Blue and Team Red face of in this fast paced multiplayer racing game. It’s a mad dash to paint over the opposing team’s color. Show your driving skills in this wild crazy competition: dodge obstacles and make daring jumps over the garden fence.

A number of special decorations will provide unique perks in Splash Rabbit Arena

  • Activate the fountain to make it rain your color
  • Pull levers to open gates to unclaimed turf
  • Drive over springs and let your car be catapulted to new areas

Pimp your Rabbit’s Ride

With each victory, you’ll get Coins and treasure chests full of power ups for your car. The faster you drive and the further you jump, the more paint you’ll spread in the racing game. Enjoy the following power ups in Splash Rabbit Arena:

  • Higher and longer jumps
  • Better acceleration and a larger paint tank
  • Special abilities that allow you to use glue, moles or rain clouds

Glue ensnares your opponents, while the mole slows down the other racers’ cart. The rain cloud washes the paint from the tiles the other team has painted.

Get the multiplayer game with racing rabbits – download Splash Rabbit Arena now!