Solitaire Family World Game Info

Solitaire Family World

Up for a magical adventure? Meet your solitaire challenges and create your whimsical theme park now in Solitaire Family World!

Your Castle awaits you!

Since your grandfather put you in charge of his theme park, your life is more exciting than expected.

Accompanied by your cute Corgi it is on you to bring the magical park to life. With each solitaire patience that you win, you earn precious rewards. Use them to build castles and attractions, to plant flowers and enable new theme worlds.

♠️ discover and create your own theme park
♠️ overcome gripping solitaire challenges
♠️ whimsical quests call for your deduction powers
♠️ an enchanting adventure awaits you
♠️ download Solitaire Family World for free

Be part of an exciting story

Diverse quests tell the thrilling story of your adventure in the card game Solitaire Family World.

You can watch your park growing step by step. By winning a solitaire game online you get the choice of decorations and upgrades to enable.

Solitaire Family World combines the popular card game solitaire with a theme park matching your whimsical ideas.

Pagoda, Farmhouse or Spooky Crypt: discover new theme worlds

Win solitaire card games and collect stars and leaves to create new buildings and decorations.

This way you expand your park step by step with new diverse theme worlds: Travel to Asia with its pagodas and admire the dancing dragons. Enable the beautific Spooky World and explore an ever growing, enchanting world. Can you meet all challenges and collect the cards? Play the card game Solitaire Family World, now.