My Free Circus

My Free Circus – Clear the Ring for your very own Circus!

Hilarious clowns, awe-inspiring lions and daring tight-rope walkers – all sorts of attractions await you in the My Free Circus browser game. Slip into the role of the ringmaster and take care of just about anything that needs doing: Organize ensembles of fire eaters, knife throwers, jugglers and magicians. Buy and keep animals, provide them with everything they need and use them in stunning performances. Make tasty treats for your visitors, make money, grow crops, plant trees and create a gorgeous circus ground. Discover the entertaining browser game fun that is My Free Circus!

My Free Circus – The Original Circus Browser Game

A Circus Full of Surprises

Experience My Free Circus!

Come one, come all! Become a ringmaster today. A truly entertaining browser game, My Free Circus allows you to establish and customize your very own circus grounds and keep exotic animals for breathtaking shows. From bears and tigers to dolphins and zebras, the selection keeps growing as you progress through the circus game. Hire death-defying performers such as fire-eaters, tight-rope walkers or knife-throwers and dazzle audiences with exciting shows that are sure to generate a crowd. My Free Circus takes elements of tycoon games and browser games and combines them into a wonderful gaming experience for young and old alike. Provide for your circus from the ground up by tilling your own fields and growing cereals, vegetables and even trees and use your fresh produce culinary delights for your performers, visitors, or even other circuses. Run your own snack stalls and sell baked goods and greasy favorites. Make your visitors feel right at home! Prove your skill as a ringmaster and experience the unique setting of My Free Circus first hand, as you manage your business and train your performers. Formerly only available as an app, My Free Circus now brings your PC to life as an enchanting circus browser game. Build your very own circus – all it takes to play My Free Circus is computer with a functioning internet connection. No download required! The game can be played completely without the need for a Flash or Unity plug-in. Experience the magic of the big top today!