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My Fantastic Park - The fun park-game for everyone!

These rides are sure to make your visitors' hearts beat faster! The entertaining amusement park-game My Fantastic Park lets you plan and design your own paradise of leisure. As manager, it's you who'll decide on your theme park's layout: build and upgrade different attractions to your heart's content. The higher your level, the larger your flexibility.

Experience the extraordinary browser based amusement park game made by Upjers, that's entirely free-to-play. MyFantasticPark offers you an amazing setting that has thrilled millions of dedicated followers worldwide. Play along yourself and manage your own park!

25.02.2017 - 17:37:37
I love it I cant get my eyes off

30.09.2016 - 18:23:50
One of the best games i've played.

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The entertaining browser game My Fantastic Park lets you take on the role of park director. Experience the multifaceted and highly enjoyable park game made by Upjers, and discover its countless features and functions. Naturally, you will start off with just a humble amusement park, and work your way up to the top step by step. The higher your level, the larger the array of features you’ll have at hand. Each attraction and each ride you place in your park will attract a different target group: senior citizens, men, women and children.

The prettier you make your park, and the higher your park’s diversity, the larger the amount of visitors you will attract; thus, you’ll increase your revenue as well. The gained revenue can, in turn, be invested into further expanding your grounds on this amusement park browser game. The game offers you a truly fantastic game-setting, with new features to discover practically all the time. Log in every day and receive a free bronze booster. Erect more and more impressive attractions – from can toss booths to vintage car rides, magicians, bumper cars, dark rides, stunt-shows and aqua-giants.

Get to know the world of amusement and theme parks and prove your talent as park manager, form virtual friendships with your fellow players and explore all areas of this game step by step – for free! Yes, that’s correct: Fantastic Park can be played entirely for free. Join now!

You’ve only just placed the first attractions in MyFantasticPark, and the first visitors are already starting to arrive. Your ambition as new park-director seems to have made the rounds. The visitors that are streaming into your own My Fantastic Park in ever higher numbers are the best reward for your efforts. After all, they won’t just make the money come rolling in at your park-entrance, but the men, women, children and senior citizens seem to be honestly delighted. With your knack for planning and developing theme parks, you managed to make them happy. Your park-visitors are over the moon!

The amusement park browser game My Fantastic Park lets you take on the role of park-manager. You plan, design and run your own amusement park entirely according to your own ideas. Do you want to place the can toss booth to the left or the right of your entrance? That’s entirely up to you, for here, you are the boss. Discover the many different functions and options this truly extraordinary gem among the genre of browser games offers you and let yourself be thrilled by the countless different ways of planning and shaping your park.

MyFantasticPark has managed to gather many enthusiastic followers in several different language versions already. You’d like to play along for free? Then come and experience one of the most entertaining browser games out there. Sign up for free here on the Upjers-portal and create your account. Afterwards, you can commence playing for free right away and are ready to turn your fantastic park from a barren patch of land to a truly enchanting amusement park.

The fun and highly versatile park game My Fantastic Park lets you build your own amusement park, plan and design it entirely based on your own ideas. From magicians, which are especially popular with the children, over nostalgic vintage car rides, an attraction that senior citizens love, to the fast-paced bumper cars popular with adults – you construct rides and attractions that will send your visitors’ adrenaline into overdrive!

Make sure to lay out your park-grounds as colorful and diverse as possible, to increase the amount of visitors you’ll receive. Visitors will gain you entrance fees in the form of park-dollars, which you can in turn invest in expanding your park. Discover the countless opportunities this unique browser game offers you. The kicker: The game can be enjoyed completely for free. You have access to a web-enabled PC?

Perfect! For this is all you need to sign up on Upjers’ portal and create a free account. After a brief introduction to the game, you can then start developing your park immediately. Become park-manager, build, as the game progresses, a can toss booth, a sea lion-show, space shuttles and much more. Come join the fantastic park game now and let yourself be thrilled by this feature-filled amusement park browser game!