Idle Kingdom Builder Game Info

Idle Kingdom Builder

Create your Kingdom

In this game, you're the king! The entertaining city-building app Idle Kingdom Builder crowns you king. The aim is to erect a kingdom and shape it according to your wishes.

In order to achieve this, you have exciting scopes of design at hand in this Idle-App. You start small but you have great ambitions. Your first building project is a tiny farm. As soon as you have founded that one, you start to expand because each progress in the game will grant you fame and fortune. Your in-game money makes it possible to employ workers. They will take care of the already erected buildings so that you can take care of new projects and challenges. The more progress you make in the Incremental-App Idle Kingdom Builder, the more connections between the individual production sectors can be created. Mills and sawmills are only the beginning! With every new level, the general potential in the Idle-App  increases. Some of the numerous features and functions are:

  • building your own kingdom with numerous buildings and factories
  • long-lasting fun with intuitive and easy controls
  • a fascinating, medieval-setting in the Da Vinci-Style with beautifully animated structures and buildings
  • exciting events and challenges in the Incremental-App
  • great additional features, among them possibilities to travel in time with cities and regions, re-education of workers and the increase of action-loaded events
  • a lovingly detailed system of production factories, which enables further processing of different goods
  • great Idle-App  achievements for founded cities, clicker-achievements and completed buildings
  • new actions and opportunities in the game for level ups

Your royal clicker adventure begins!

Experience the special city-building app. Dive into a truly royal clicker-scenario and download this extraordinary Incremental-App. Become an Idle Kingdom Builder now and prove your skills as a new king. Experience some clicktastic gaming fun!