Fortress Clicker Game Info

Fortress Clicker

Save your Village from the Monster Onslaught

Sound the alarms! Your village is being attacked by horrifying creatures. Your stone walls are under permanent siege by slings and arrows. Fortify your defenses and fight back! In the thrilling clicker app Fortress Clicker, you slip into the role of a mighty hero. Save your village by strengthening your walls, unlocking a wide array of weapons, unlocking additional buildings and using the clicker app's numerous features to your advantage. Fortress Clicker has a lot to offer:

  • a variety of gaming areas including the gold mine, quarry, treasury and weapon arsenal
  • a visually appealing clicker app setting with a humorous story line
  • additional buildings to unlock over the course of the game
  • different types of weapons with varying damage output, including hardwood bows and frost and fire arrows
  • valuable crystal fragments to collect
  • dwarven manpower to accelerate the mining of gold and stone
  • upgrades for your stone wall, to protect your village better
  • monsters to fight, capture and collect
  • countless clicker app gaming possibilities

Fortress Clicker – Into the Fray!

Dive in to the fantastic world of Fortress Clicker. Face exciting challenges. Quarry stone to fortify your defensive wall and protect your people from the monsters' vicious attacks. Attack the invaders with ever stronger weapons. Unlock new buildings and use fantastic features to advance in the game. Prove your courage and skill as a hero. Download the clicker app and go to war now!