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Battle of Beasts

Battle of Beasts – Epic Battles, Gripping Quests

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure? Then dive into the fantastic world of Battle of Beasts! Shape your own monster horde and use all sorts of free strategy game features. Feed your beasts, discipline them, and prepare them for epic battles. Experience exceptional fantasy roleplaying game features and countless turn-based strategy game elements. If you like free fantasy strategy games and want to experience dragon games online, you will love the fantasy RPG Battle of Beasts.

There are 9 regions ripe for the conquering in this free MMORPG. Go forth into battle!

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Prove your Prowess in Battle

Welcome to the mysterious world of Battle of Beasts. An all-round fantastical game setting awaits you in this extraordinary free MMORPG. Under the tutelage of a wise and powerful mage, you will establish your own realm of monsters. Build enclosures for your beasts and monsters, feed and train them for combat. Experience the unique fantasy strategy game opportunities offered by Battle of Beasts. Conquer a total of 9 territories with the help of your monstrous horde over the course of the game. From your humble beginnings in Tutorria over the abandoned Dwarven realm of Byrkenholm and the mysterious Isles of Belgron to the craggy volcanic heights of Ignizor which even the dragons fear, your adventures will take you through many uncharted territories. The further you progress in the game, the stronger and more powerful the monsters at your disposal. Expand your settlement, create paths, build a flourishing town with a mill, a farm, and a bakery, and keep little demons, venomous wasps and plenty of other dark creatures.

Battle of Beasts offers you free strategy game features as well as countless fantasy roleplaying game elements. Dive into the impressive world of this very special fantasy RPG. You’re looking for extraordinary turn-based strategy games and dragon games online? Then you need to experience Battle of Beasts. Embark on an adventure; join in now for free and begin your monster battle journey. As soon as you’ve registered on the upjers Portal, you can begin forming your very own monster horde and launch conquering campaigns into unknown territories. Let’s go! Join in!

Among Humans, Monsters and Orcs

Experience a fantasy world full of mysteries and explore the magical realm of Battle of Beasts. This extraordinary free MMORPG offers you tons of exceptional fantasy strategy game elements as well as free strategy game features. Build enclosures and keep monsters of every size and temperament, from small imps to enormous venomous wasps and shape your own horde of beasts. Feed and train your gruesome creatures to prepare them for savage combat. Lead epic battles and make use of great fantasy roleplaying game opportunities; whether it be making tactical decisions or enjoying tycoon game events. Collect valuable card pieces, trade them with fellow players, make virtual friends, earn amazing achievements – from a mere acknowledgements such as Planting Apprentice or a Following Apprentice to elite commendations such as Expert, Master or Guru. Conquer new regions. Begin your adventure in the small country of Tutorria, explore Elfrarheim, the homeland of the wild and brazen wendigos, Ignizor the craggy volcanic mountain range, the Isles of Belgron, home to snake-like Basilisks and Byrkenholm, the fallen Dwarven realm.

Exciting adventures and ferocious battles await you in all of these places. Battle of Beasts offers you first class turn-based strategy game experiences. Get to know this extraordinary fantasy RPG and play for free now. Simply register on, and step into the world of fantasy strategy games and dragon games online right away. Just a few clicks are enough to begin your adventure with humans, monsters, orbs, elves and dwarves!

A Fantasy Strategy Game Challenge

A special challenge awaits you in the browser game Battle of Beasts: Create your very own monster empire! At the beginning of this free MMORPG, you’ll obtain your first imp – a small, clever demon that attacks enemies with fiery spells and is especially popular with humans and elves. You’ll keep your imp in a small plains enclosure, a special type of enclosure for beasts that roam the flatlands. As soon as your imp has been wrested into its enclosure, you can feed it and train it. After all, this creature will have its uses for you – in battle against enemy units. Battle of Beasts combines free strategy game features and fantasy roleplaying game features in a unique way. It’s not just about making the right calls in turn-based strategy game encounters in epic battles, but also about efficiently maximizing a number of tycoon game strategies. It’s up to you how you will rule your very own monster realm.

The more successful you are in Battle of Beasts, the more opportunities and possibilities you’ll have to customize your realm. Discover up to 9 different regions. Scout out the treacherous rocky terrain of Ignizor’s volcanoes; roam the dark forests of the Isles of Belgron, which are inhabited by the dangerous, snake-like basilisks. Travel to Byrkenholm, where barghests, mythical black dogs, guard the crypts and ruins of the lost Dwarven realm. Brave Elfrarheim, home of the wild and brazen Wendigos. Experience this extraordinary fantasy RPG and explore online dragon games. Play for free now!