Experience the Fascination of Roleplaying Games

Select your avatar with whom you will enter the world of the roleplaying game and embark on a journey of discovery as you overcome manifold quests, defeat evil monsters and creatures and help your character grow to be more experienced and stronger. Equip them with skills like endurance, strength or agility and with equipment like weapons or armor ranging from chains to bracelets to talismans and upgrade them by leveling up.

Turn-based combat is standard in RPGs. You'll have to face various opponents in different scenarios and lead your hero to fame and fortune.

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You can play all manner of RPGs as well as many simulations, creative games and sports games in upjers' diverse offering of games. Explore whole new worlds. Slip into the role of a wizard and discover the magical world of runes, defend yourself against fire-breathing dragons or set off on a quest for the power of the elements as a member of a tribe of animal people!

The History of RPGs

The first computer roleplaying games began to appear in the mid-70s, inspired by pen-and-paper roleplaying games. In the 80s RPGs began to develop visually and weren't just text-based affairs. In the 90s it became possible for many players to come together in a single game world.

The MMORPG was born and began a swift ascent driven by the high speed of technical development and the ability to represent and participate in things like real-time battles.

Join a huge roleplaying community with millions of players!

Sure, you can play roleplaying games alone on your own computer, but it's much more exciting and interactive to play together with many others in an online game world. MMORPGs have a large following and have long been more than just a genre for nerds and strange loners, as they were once portrayed. RPGs place special emphasis on many and diverse quests that players have to complete in the course of the game. The frequency of quests and their content varies based on the game, it's design and its goal. In addition to a main quest, which usually drives the game, you can also participate in the story by accepting side quests from NPCs or other sources and so earn rewards like game currency or equipment items or special skills and valuable information. These quests will often thrust you into combat with other game characters or even other players. Come along and discover your passion for RPGs with great games from upjers!