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Tycoon games offer you a wide range of amazing options. These games let you create landscapes, towns, and interior areas entirely according to your own ideas. During the course of the tycoon browser game My Little Farmies, for instance, you’ll create an entire village community. You start by using a green meadow to develop your village. Step by step, you set about cultivating fields, sowing grain, growing fruit trees, placing pathways, holding your own livestock, and building manufactories. The higher your level, the larger the variety of features available to you. Thus, you’ll be able to, for instance, to turn your harvested produce, such as rye and wheat, to flour in the flour mill and use it to produce bread later on. The unique browser game-scenarios tycoon simulations such as My Little Farmies offer their players truly enchant their players, allow them to explore a self-contained microcosm and shape it according to their own ideas.

Each player has access to the same features – the precise strategy and form of playing, however, is determined entirely individually and based on every player’s own ideas. That means: it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to focus on when playing tycoon games. Simulations and tycoon games rank among the most popular genres of browser games. Tycoon games enable their users to create something, to, as the game progresses, keep developing their own game world, and to corporate with their fellow players. Plus: tycoon simulations are popular with players of all ages. Whether you are young or young at heart: here, you will find a truly unique pastime that will provide you with hours upon hours of fun. Experience the impressive world of Upjers’ tycoon games and play along for free now. Build your own village in My Little Farmies, plan your own zoo in My Free Zoo, and run your own colorful farm on My Free Farm.

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