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The best browser games – Our recommendations:

From classic Molehill Empire to recent Zoo 2: Animal Park – you will find everything your heart desires in upjers Games Portfolio: Action or creation, strategy or tactic – get your favorite browser game for free without download.

1. Zoo 2: Animal Park – Save the animal park!

Browsergame Zoo2: Animal Park

With more than three million downloads this free-to-play browser game is the absolute number one among animal games. Heartwarming animated 3D graphics and an exciting storyline will get you completely hooked. Zoo 2: Animal Park is available for free on mobile, tablet (Android, iOS, Kindle) and for every browser.

2. Uptasia – Creative Hidden Object and Tycoon Game

uptasia Wimmelbildspiel im browser

Located in the 19th century you create your own economic empire with Bianca, the Uptasia mascot. In that mission you build a bakery and a flower shop, decorate your world and solve attractive hidden object puzzles. Bianca invites you to Uptasia for free in your browser.

3. My Free Farm 2 – Baking, Building, Flying!

my free farm 2 - Farm Browser Spiel

As a hobby-farmer and economy simulation enthusiast you get your money’s worth! The free-to-play browser game My Free Farm 2 allows you to create your own adorable online-farm. You’ll discover loving details and cute animals created in 3D.

4. Rail World – Ready, Steady, Toot Toot!

rail world zug browserspiel

All on board! Get ready to discover the outstanding opportunities of Rail World. In this exceptional train game you create your own railroad empire. You can transport goods as well as passengers, build up a rail network and meet unique characters.

5. Dark Gnome – Lead your gnomes to victory

dark gnome pixel browser spiel

A very special action stunner is Dark Gnome in its retro pixel look. Assemble a powerful troop of heroes and conquer the world. The genre mix of round based combats and strategy role-play delights players of every age. Dark Gnome is a free-to-play browser game.

6. Horse Farm – A big attraction not only for horse lovers

horse farm browsergame

On your horse farm you will always be busy. Take care of your guests, look after your horses and prepare them for their next ride – thereby you can make your equestrian farm the most successful stud. The horse browser game is available online for free.

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upjers game categories

Tycoon Browser Games

upjers Tycoon browser games offer a wide range of opportunities: Meet the challenge in My Free Zoo and make your zoo the attraction number one for the public or let your medieval village boom in My Little Farmies. Create your own logistic empire in Harbor World and Rail World or learn how to operate a successful farm in Tycoon Games such as My Free Farm 2 or the classic Molehill Empire.

upjers Tycoon Games

Tycoon browser games from upjers

Strategy Browser Games

All online strategy games have one thing in common: right from the start the require long-term strategy instead of short-term tactics. In this genre you need to make intelligent decisions in order to achieve success in the long run. Manifold challenges keep up the long-lasting enjoyment.

upjers Strategy Games
Strategy browser games from upjers

Action Browser Games

Those who prefer fast, action packed entertainment will consider the upjers playground the right place to be. Our action games attract players with exciting battles and competitive gameplay. Prove your tactical abilities and a strong will to win in PvP combats. Or show strategic thinking and fight yourself to the top of the ladder in upjers free-to-play browser games.

upjers Action Game
Action browser games from upjers

Online Role-play Games („RPG“)

Did you ever dream to simulate and free the world from all evil as a true hero or a magician or explore distant stars as an astronaut? upjers delights fans of role-play with thrilling role-play games („RPG“). Create your own unique hero and face your fate in demanding challenges.

Imagine yourself as a warrior. Equipped with paper-thin armor and a blank butter knife you start to overcome the adversities of this world. With each quest and each fight you gain experience which makes you stronger level by level. Your skills will improve and you will be charged with more challenging tasks. If you don’t like fighting you might be called upon to take the manager role of a holiday resort. It’s on you to develop the holiday complex step by step and expand your business all over the globe.


Whether it is Tycoon, Action or Strategy: Discover the world of upjers browser games for free with a simple click!!

What does „Free-to-Play“ mean?

The wide range of games in upjers portfolio is categorized as “Free-to-Play”.

„Free to Play“ (also known as „Free2Play“ or „F2P“) defines games that are available totally free of costs. Players can register and log in with their email address and password via their browser or - even better – with the upjers Playground and they are good to go.

Right from the start you’ll have access to all basic features whilst being able to enjoy each game to the fullest without any payment. Whoever wants a boost in game progress has the opportunity to purchase special fee-based content.

The so called premium content enables special features such as an experience bonus in My Free Zoo or the planting helpers in Molehill Empire. In addition you can get cooldown reductions or decorative elements for the game.

These additional features are “optional” – meaning they are not required to play and succeed in the game. This way the publisher is able to provide free-to-play online games whilst being economical.

Casual Game

Another keyword appearing when it comes to free browser games is “Casual Games”. It defines games that don’t require a long training period to understand the game mechanic. Simple rules enable all players to start right away.

As apposed to „Hardcore Games“, which require a longer training period, Casual Games allow Casual Gamers to play a short round on their phone or in their browser without spending fixed hours of time.

“Casual Game“ stands for „easy access“, “pausing anytime“ and “long-term entertainment” as well as “motivating game profoundness”.

In short: “Casual Games“ are the ideal leisure activity for everybody who is looking for diverse entertainment without starting hurdles.