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These games require you to think hard and fast: with careful and strategic actions, strategy browser games enable you to influence how your game develops on a long term base. And of course it’s you yourselves, who’ll determine your online strategy. Thus, the soccer strategy game 11Legends lets you take on the role of coach, develop your own soccer team, and lead it to the top of the league. Expanding your stadium and tending to your club’s merchandising are as important as selecting the right players, as well as your players’ athletic skills. The better your players are trained, the higher your chances of victory. There are a number of further factors, however, who’ll influence the game’s progress.

11Legends is quite a good example of a typical strategy game. During the course of strategy games, you’ll be able to make either short-term, medium-, or long-term decisions. Strategic decisions in particular, are decisions that will have a long-term effect, whereas tactical decisions are required for instance during soccer tournaments. Here, your team lineup as well as your players’ training status, directly influences your matches’ results. Online strategy games will offer you countless of hours of entertainment and are extremely fun-to-play.

Everyone who’s interested, has a web-enabled PC and a valid email-address, can play the strategy games made by upjers. If both these preconditions are met, you are ready to start enjoying the fun online strategy games. Experience the fascinating strategy browsers games made by upjers – from 11Legends to Torpia, a medieval strategy game that lets you choose the side you wish to play on: Good or Evil.

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The portfolio of German publishers and game developers upjers also includes strategy games. Online strategy browser games require tactical thinking and acting, as here, your decisions will influence the entire course of the game. In strategy browser games, your actions will determine each game’s progress on a short, - medium, and long-term base. It’s especially the long-term decisions, however, that make strategy games so interesting. After all, it’s not chance that will determine your results in online strategy games, but careful planning and acting, as each decision will influence how the entire game will progress.

That’s what makes strategy browser games so thrilling: you’ve got to take many different factors into account that will, finally, determine your success. The better you know the game, the better you’ll be able to assess the different areas and the results of your decisions as player, and take them into consideration for further decisions you make in these games. Each game has its own emphasis, but there is one thing, all strategy games have in common: they offer you fun and entertainment on a long-term base. Plus, each level-up will unlock further areas, functions, features, and items, which, in turn, will make each game even more challenging and compelling.

Examples of strategy games made by upjers are, for instance, the soccer manager 11Legends, and the browser game Torpia, which is set in a medieval fantasy world. In Torpia, you make your first strategic decision even before you start, as here, you’ll have to decide whether you’d like to play on the side of Good or Evil. This first decision will determine your entire approach, as Good players are able to trade, whereas Evil players earn money by attacking others. Experience the different fascinating aspects our strategy games offer you, and dive into a truly enchanting world. Play along now!

Tactics are the key to success on strategy browser games

Strategy games offer you a wealth of impressive options. Experience unique scenarios, and influence them by your own decisions. Master a large amount of challenges, and use your skills, tactical decisions, as well as long-term strategies, to reach your goals. Experience how enjoyable and multifaceted strategy games can be, by playing our entertaining browser games, such as the soccer manager 11Legends. Take on the role of soccer manager, develop your own online strategies, assemble a team, train, and lead it to extraordinary athletic victories. Expand your stadium, establish your own merchandising-products, and tend to your infrastructure. Enlarge your club-house, open your own hospital, to be able to tend to injured players as best as you can, and train each player individually.

11Legends offers you all the different options that make strategy browser games so popular. Here, you’ll be able to train your tactics during thrilling soccer-matches, as well as your strategic abilities, both on a medium, as well as a long-term base. Strategy games have fascinated humans since they first were invented. It’s browser games, however, which have opened a whole new range of options. Instead of, as is the tradition on strategy board games, being restricted to a specific number of participants, browser games enable you to compete against thousands of players on one server. Thus, you won’t just be able to put your talents to the test by facing and challenging new players every day, but can look forward to games that will entertain you on a long-term base.

Dive into the fascinating world of strategy browser games and discover the many extraordinary experiences these games will offer you. Play along for free now! With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to prove your skills on our online strategy games.