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The triumph of free browser games really began in the early 2000s, when strategy games in particular began to conquer the market. Many of them are still successful today. Inspired by the successful games of the 90s, many cool browser games entered the market for free and offered thousands of people the chance to play together in realtime in a game world that, for the first time, also featured graphics. There, they could play with each other – or compete against each other.

That wasn't possible in the late 90s, since HTML was not yet capable of realtime interaction. Other developments that made this incredible change possible included improvements in web browsers, which allowed users to access the games, and the growth of the Internet as a mass medium. The way was now clear for free browser games.

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Become the director of a cute zoo for free, try your hand at managing an amusement park at dizzying heights, take charge of a crazy hospital, satisfy your taste for adventure in legendary battles with dragons and zombies or relax and enjoy a peaceful country life with your very own farm. You'll find cool browser games here as pure HTML games or as intense games build with multimedia plugins like Flash or Unity. There's one thing that both kinds have in common: you don't need to download the game: you can play free right in your browser.

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You'll find lots of cool browser games with tons of features and interactive community elements here. Whether you're a hardcore strategist, a peaceful animal- and plant-lover or a courageous adventurer, there's something here for every taste and type of player! All our games are free and offer guaranteed gaming fun at home on your PC or on the go on your tablet or phone.

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Free browser games have captivated millions of people around the world. The reasons are easy to identify. Thousands of people can play together in realtime in a single game world and interact with each other and even influence the course of the game. The high degree of platform-independence and easy access directly via a web browser mean that the barriers to entry are low, so that everyone can play for free.
Cool browser games really shine with their vast variety of possibilities for communication and interaction. Friendships are born and blossom and grow and relationships that reach far beyond the game itself flourish in game forums and chats, via in-game messaging systems, and even via customized platforms set up by the community or a guild or clan, as well as with the help of instant messaging or chat clients like Teamspeak or Skype. Weddings have been celebrated and new gamer babies conceived, all of it made possible by relationships that grew out of online games.