Wow – Don’t miss out on these farm games!

Tractor or Fairy Tale World? Which Do You Choose?

Red Tractor Tycoon – Plow, Farm, Research!

Plow till the cows come home at the wheel of your trusty red tractor. Bring in your harvest at record speeds and become a successful farmer. Red Tractor Tycoon is the perfect combination of farm simulation and action game!

  • Extensive production chains, factories, and buildings
  • Research new products and equipment
  • Establish your own farming empire

Farmer’s Fairy Tale – Journey to a Farm Fantasy World

You don’t know how you got here, but the adventure of a lifetime awaits you in this fairy tale world! The free farm game “Farmer’s Fairy Tale” whisks you away on unusual excursions and has you complete exciting tasks.

  • Lovingly designed 3D game world
  • Meet quirky characters and learn their stories
  • Solve exciting quests and go on wacky adventures

Can’t decide? That’s fine! We have two more farm games for you:

What Shall It Be? Medieval Farm or 3D Farm?

My Little Farmies – Experience your own Medieval Farm

You’re the mayor of a medieval village in the lovingly designed farm game My Little Farmies. Tend to your fields, harvest and process your crops, trade with friends, and turn your village into a flourishing trading post. Play My Little Farmies free in the upjers playground, in your browser or on your mobile device.

  • Countless activities for guilds and solo players
  • Regular updates with new features and products
  • Elaborate world with lots of detail

My Free Farm 2 – Your Farm in a 3D Cartoon Look

The farm simulation My Free Farm 2 invites you to create your own 3D cartoon farm. Manage your farm and craft countless products. A wide variety of production buildings, an exciting quest system and lots of novel ideas make My Free Farm 2 the perfect choice for mobile devices, PCs, and the upjers Playground.

  • Intuitive controls, multifaceted tasks
  • Keep animals, tend to fields, collect resources
  • Farm game for on the go with fresh 3D cartoon graphics

More upjers Games Await You

Manage your own Farm

Feeling restless? Get your move on in upjers’ captivating farm games: As an online farmer, you can decide what crops to grow, what artisans can settle on your farm, and how to arrange a slew of decorations. Take care of cute animals, tend to your fields, and establish your own farm – for free as a browser game or right on your phone!

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