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Casual gamers are looking for diverting entertainment without having to “study” a game first. They don't want to read long manuals, they just want to start playing immediately and start having fun, and success, quickly, thanks to easy controls and simple gameplay without having to hack away at a task all week or worry about failing to complete a quest after hours of work and then starting over from the beginning. upjers has many casual games for you with which you can just tune out and relax. They're all easy to get into and don't have any special requirements for your computer. You can get started right away without having to download the entire game.

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Dive Into Colorful Game Worlds!

Most recently, since the boom of social networks like Facebook, modern casual games have taken society by storm. They can be played right in the browser and often appear full of color and life on your monitor thanks to plugins like Flash.

In upjers' wide range of games you're sure to find your very own favorite game and discover many pleasant farm and animal games or easy puzzle and brainteaser games. Manage your own zoo, or hospital or even an amusement park!

upjers' Games: Colorful, Diverse and Entertaining

Here you'll find everything that makes casual games so interesting. upjers' games are relaxing and stress-relieving, they train your memory and sometimes you'll even learn something. As a virtual gardener, a horticulturalist or a farmer you'll break out of the daily routine of hectic modern life. You can escape from boredom as an amusement park manager, pirate or dragon warrior!

Come with us to exciting game worlds and meet lots of new people!

Online casual games don't just offer pure relaxation and entertaining game enjoyment for every time and place, they also offer an enormous number of possibilities to communicate with other people and interact with them. Playing doesn't create barriers, it connects people in different places via social, virtual platforms. Totally new physical connections and relationship networks spring up. In the games you can meet people who share your interests, people you'd otherwise never come in contact with, chat with them and forge friendships that may span thousands of miles. Modern causal games, which are strongly oriented on social games, offer you and your friends tons of possibilities to interact, chat, and help each other out. In most of the browser games from upjers you can help your friends on their farms, in their parks and in their gardens, visit them there, do little friendly favors or even give them nice gifts.