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Zoo 2: Animal Park
Create the Zoo of your Dreams
Experience Zoo 2: Animal Park! Manage your own zoo. Get exotic, wild, and unbelievably cute animals in your zoo. Play now!
Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo
Your Colorful Dino Zoo
A dream come true: Live dinosaurs to breed and play with! Build your own Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo!
My Free Farm 2
Gaming Fun on the Farm
This farm needs your help! Become a virtual farmer now and experience the browser game version of My Free Farm 2! Play free now!
Merge Fight Fantasy
Little fighters – big adventure
This fantasy adventure will make you the leader of a hero army. Through fusion, you'll level up knights and other heroes so that they will bravely go into the next battle.

More upjers Games

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters
Fight your way through the dungeon
Molehill Empire 2
From watering can to plant research: Enjoy great gardening in your backyard farm
Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic
Bubble game on four paws
Farmer's Conquest: Village Tales
Populate your farm grounds
Dropping Rocks: Bombing Blocks
Pirate islands blocks battle
Galaxy Splitter
Action Shooter in Space
Mega Monument Constructor
Dig, Build, Admire!
Horse 2: Pony Park
The horse racing game with a styling feature
Minion Raid: Epic Monsters
Epic battles with brave minions
Food World Tycoon
Experience the Amazing Transport Game App
Bingo Park
The free number game Bingo Park is waiting for you with short and sweet mini games - play Bingo Park now!
Farmer's Fairy Tale
A fantastic farm adventure awaits you
Solitaire Family World
Meet your solitaire challenges and create your whimsical theme park!
Dark Gnome
Lead the dwarves to glory
Kapi Hospital Tower 2
Hospital gaming app with unusual maladies
Stonies - The Stone Age Game
My Little Farmies
Between flour mill, field work and servant’s house
My Free Zoo
Beastly good browser-based entertainment!
MyFreeZoo Mobile
Experience the mobile zoo fun
My Little Farmies Mobile
The colorful world of My Little Farmies Mobile
Horse Farm
Manage your own Ranch
Cute and cuddly puppies and kittens!
My Sunny Resort
Create your own Vacation Paradise
Idle Kingdom Builder
Create your own kingdom
Uptasia – The fun hidden object game
My Free Farm
The first browser game with full organic power!
Spooky Browser Game Fun
Garbage Garage
Become the cool junkyard king!
Fortress Clicker
Save your village from the monsters
Kapi Hospital
Your own browser based hospital
Cat Safari 2
Fuse your cats in this game app
The garden simulation that comes with a green thumb
Kapi Regnum
Medieval economy simulation
Idle Gaming Industry
Construction Hero
Idle Dungeon Heroes
Stop the Heroes and Defend your Treasure
Kapiland Tower
Kapiland Tower - The Idle Tycoon Challenge