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They can be played directly in your browser and have millions of enthused followers worldwide: online games. These multifaceted online games can be played without downloads or installations. All you need to play along are a valid email-address and a working internet-connection. If these preconditions are met, you are ready to start, for all online games made by German game-producers Upjers can be played entirely for free.

The genre of browser games includes garden simulations and zoo games just as much as farm-games, tycoon games, fantasy role-playing games, strategy-browser games and entertaining trivia games. You can create your account directly on the respective game’s homepage or here on the portal. The advantage of a portal-account on is that you’ll be able to access all games with just a single login, as you can keep adding new Upjers-browser games to your account. Thus, the portal offers you the simplest, most convenient, and concise means of using and organizing your games.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of online-games. On the next pages, we’ll present you an overview of Upjers’ free browser games. Experience the fascination of online games. You’ll find detailed information on each single game under the respective genre-categories on the top of the page. And now, we’d like to wish you lots of fun discovering and of course playing Upjers’ browser games – for with just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to start playing online games for free on our game-portal