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Zoo 2: Animal Park
Create the Zoo of your Dreams
Experience Zoo 2: Animal Park! Manage your own zoo. Get exotic, wild, and unbelievably cute animals in your zoo. Play now!
Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo
Your Colorful Dino Zoo
A dream come true: Live dinosaurs to breed and play with! Build your own Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo!
Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters
Fight your way through the dungeon
Your courage is needed: Do you dare to enter the Battle Dungeon and fight with your avatar against numerous monsters? Then this is the perfect gaming app for you! Strong opponents are awaiting you in the arena, but thanks to your training you will soon be able to defend yourself well.
My Free Farm 2
Gaming Fun on the Farm
This farm needs your help! Become a virtual farmer now and experience the browser game version of My Free Farm 2! Play free now!

More upjers Games

Molehill Empire 2
From watering can to plant research: Enjoy great gardening in your backyard farm
Galaxy Splitter
Action Shooter in Space
Horse 2: Pony Park
The horse racing game with a styling feature
Food World Tycoon
Experience the Amazing Transport Game App
Bingo Park
The free number game Bingo Park is waiting for you with short and sweet mini games - play Bingo Park now!
Farmer's Fairy Tale
A fantastic farm adventure awaits you
Solitaire Family World
Meet your solitaire challenges and create your whimsical theme park!
Dark Gnome
Lead the dwarves to glory
Kapi Hospital Tower 2
Hospital gaming app with unusual maladies
Stonies - The Stone Age Game
My Little Farmies
Between flour mill, field work and servant’s house
My Free Zoo
Beastly good browser-based entertainment!
MyFreeZoo Mobile
Experience the mobile zoo fun
My Little Farmies Mobile
The colorful world of My Little Farmies Mobile
Horse Farm
Manage your own Ranch
Cute and cuddly puppies and kittens!
My Sunny Resort
Create your own Vacation Paradise
Idle Kingdom Builder
Create your own kingdom
Uptasia – The fun hidden object game
My Free Farm
The first browser game with full organic power!
Spooky Browser Game Fun
Garbage Garage
Become the cool junkyard king!
Fortress Clicker
Save your village from the monsters
Kapi Hospital
Your own browser based hospital
Cat Safari 2
Fuse your cats in this game app
The garden simulation that comes with a green thumb
Kapi Regnum
Medieval economy simulation
Idle Gaming Industry
Construction Hero
Idle Dungeon Heroes
Stop the Heroes and Defend your Treasure
Kapiland Tower
Kapiland Tower - The Idle Tycoon Challenge

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They can be played directly in your browser and have millions of enthused followers worldwide: online games. These multifaceted online games can be played without downloads or installations. All you need to play along are a valid email-address and a working internet-connection. If these preconditions are met, you are ready to start, for all online games made by German game-producers upjers can be played entirely for free.

The genre of browser games includes garden simulations and zoo games just as much as farm-games, tycoon games, fantasy role-playing games, strategy-browser games and entertaining trivia games. You can create your account directly on the respective game’s homepage or here on the portal. The advantage of a portal-account on is that you’ll be able to access all games with just a single login, as you can keep adding new upjers-browser games to your account. Thus, the portal offers you the simplest, most convenient, and concise means of using and organizing your games.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of online-games. On the next pages, we’ll present you an overview of upjers’ free browser games. Experience the fascination of online games. You’ll find detailed information on each single game under the respective genre-categories on the top of the page. And now, we’d like to wish you lots of fun discovering and of course playing upjers’ browser games – for with just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to start playing online games for free on our game-portal

Free2play browser games

Dive into the colorful world of browser games. Here, you’ve got a wealth of opportunities at hand. You can tend to your own farm, plough the fields and feed your livestock, fight evil monsters as tribal warrior, take care of exotic animals in your very own zoo and even develop an impressive amusement park with breathtaking rides and awesome attractions. You’ll find all of these different game settings on the browser games made by upjers. The imaginative world of upjers’ browser game can be enjoyed with any web-enabled PC.

Action, strategy or tycoon games – we’ve got just the thing for all gaming-fans right here. In Kapi Hospital, you’ll don a doctor’s lab coat and treat the world’s most bizarre diseases. In My Free Zoo, you’ll open your own animal park. In My Free Farm, you’ll tend to your farm’s fields and livestock and serve your customers. In Kapi Regnum, you’ll turn a humble hamlet into a blooming medieval metropolis, and in Garbage Garage, you’ll dismantle vehicles and, together with Germany’s most popular junk dealers, the Ludolfs, you’ll open your own junkyard.

The colorful upjers-universe offers you more than 30 free browser games. Aside from stunning graphics, a marvelous gameplay and a wealth of different game-contents, upjers’ online games feature another great aspect: all browser games produced by upjers can be played entirely for free: pure gaming fun guaranteed. Form virtual friendships with your fellow players, share tips and tricks on the game-forums, and gather all news on the latest updates. You’ll find all of this right here on and our free browser games.

Free2Play-online games

This concept is all the rage: within a few years only, free2play games have experienced a virtual boom. Next to client games that need to be downloaded and installed on the users’ PCs, it’s chiefly online games that make up the large part of free2play-games. These online games can be played for free and without downloads or installations. Instead, they are played directly via browser and thus allow thousands of players to play together on just one server at the same time. But what precisely are free2play-games?

Free2play-games are online games that can be played entirely for free. That means: anyone who wants to can sign up and play along. All you need to play along area web-enabled PC (i.e. in an internet café) and a valid email-address. The email-address is needed to sign up on the game’s homepage. As soon as your free account has been created, you’re all set to enjoy the browser game. The tutorial, the introduction to the game, will teach you each game’s basic functions as well as its basic steps. Once that’s completed, the actual game will commence. That means: you’ll be able to explore the different areas of the game, come up with a strategy on how to best play the game, and change your profile-settings. All browser games made by upjers can be played entirely for free. Additionally, you’ll however be able to purchase a premium-account, special equipment and decorations as well as bonuses with real money. For the most part, these are unique virtual items or time-boosters that you may use to make your plants grow faster, reduce waiting times or that give additional space in the browser games. These additional offers are available for a fee. All players can decide for themselves, whether they wish to play a browser game completely for free, or whether they’d like to use additional items in exchange for real money. This method of gaming is called free2play. That means:

All basic and vital functions of upjers’ online games are available for free. To finance the development and maintenance of these games, exclusive additional items are offered for purchase. These will gain players certain advantages without, however, affecting the game’s balancing, i.e., the entire game’s system including its different levels of difficulty. Additional items can, for instance, get you time boosts or an expanded playing area, you won’t, however, gain unfair advantages over other players. Thus, the entire game remains fair and equal for all players alike, whether they are playing for free or with a premium-account. Discover the great online gaming world of upjers and play online games for free!