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Experience the Entertaining Animal App!

Cute meerkats, majestic elephants and cuddly raccoons – countless unusual and exotic animals await you in the great zoo app MyFreeZoo Mobile. As a virtual zoo director, you’ll open the gates to your very own zoo. Build all sorts of enclosures, acquire animals, place them in their enclosures and provide them with tender loving care. The happier your animals are, the more visitors will stream into your zoo.

Entertain, feed and tend to your little loved ones. In the My Free Zoo App, the Bamberg games developer and publishers, upjers, presents its poplar game My Free Zoo for iOS and Android, allowing players to play the My Free Zoo App on iPad, iPhone, smartphone and tablet. However, the mobile version of My Free Zoo is a standalone game with no link to the browser game. Nonetheless, the game principle is near identical. The My Free Zoo App gives players the opportunity to create their own zoo. Take your My Free Zoo app everywhere – at the bus stop, in line at the supermarket or in a waiting room – the app guarantees gaming fun wherever you are. The animal app has been optimized especially for iPads and tablets. But of course you can still play My Free Zoo on your smartphone or iPhone – it will just be rather small. iPad and Tablet will offer you an optimal gaming environment. Get the My Free Zoo app free now and dive into the fascinating world of this extraordinary zoo app with tons of cute animals, exciting quests and countless features. Discover the mobile animal app sensation!

The My Free Zoo App – Great Features, Extraordinary Gaming Experiences

My Free Zoo’s countless features include the friendship functionality. This allows you to make virtual friends with fellow players. Share your experiences and achievements with your friends and help each other. Visit your friends’ zoos in the animal app, help them with the completion of small tasks and receive great rewards. Upon reaching certain levels, you’ll even be able to send your friends gifts, providing them with a pleasant surprise when they log on. Of course, your friends can also select gifts for you to receive when they reach certain levels in the zoo app as well. Besides from the exciting social gaming features such as the friendship system, the breeding station is sure to provide exciting gaming experiences. This special facility allows you to breed adorable animal babies in the zoo app. Your visitors will be just as fascinated by the young animals as well. The more virtual guests visit your zoo, the more Zoo Dollars you will earn. Your in-game money will in turn allow you to buy new types of enclosures, animals and enchanting decorations!

Trade Cards in the Animal App and Hire Employees

The My Free Zoo app can be played on both iOS and Android devices. Download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store and you can dive into the mobile gaming fun right away. One great feature in the zoo app is the card trading systems. Many items and animals in My Free Zoo can be acquired by collecting card pieces. If you’ve won or acquired cards pieces of animals or items that you don’t need anymore or have duplicates of, you can trade them with other players. You can even ask for specific card pieces that you want to receive. When you receive offers from other animals you can decide if you want to accept them. Trading card pieces is an exciting component of the game, and it allows you to earn animals and items that you would have to pay Zoo Dollars or Diamonds for otherwise. The further you progress in the zoo app, the more customization options you will have. To keep your zoo in flawless condition, you can also hire virtual employees. These include zookeepers, gardeners and treasurers. As soon as you’ve hired them they will help you with the tasks around your zoo.

Get the My Free Zoo App! All This Awaits You!

The meerkats are already standing on their hind legs looking about. When are you finally coming to the zoo? Experience the My Free Zoo app now. Download the app free for your iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet and get started right await. Unleash your imagination and create a zoo however you want it. Realize your dream of owning your own zoo and become a zoo director in the animal app now. The following features and contents await you:

  • A lovingly detailed game setting
  • Great social gamin g features such as the friendship and card trading systems
  • Many unique and exotic animal species
  • Captivating animations
  • Constant updates with new animals and customization options
  • Breeding cute baby animals
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Long-lasting gaming fun for at home and on the go for both iOS and Android

Open your own zoo, build the first few enclosures, stock them with animals and care for them, attracting crowds of zoo visitors. Prove your animal-keeping and managerial skills in this extraordinary tycoon in a zoo setting. Let’s go! Visit My Free Zoo! We’re looking forward to your visit!