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My Sunny Resort

My Sunny Resort – The Manager Game Challenge

In the browser game My Sunny Resort, you slip into the role of a hotel manager. Build your own tropical vacation paradise. Step by step, you will design your own beach resort. My Sunny Resort is a hotel game like no other, that will whisk you away to enchanting holiday setting.

Sandy beaches, bungalows, and tons of attractions help create a true island game experience. With every level, you will have new possibilities laid bare before you. Discover the online manager game fun and open your very own My Sunny Resort with tons of management game features and functions.

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A good game to play... but there is a lot of waiting around-ugh!

Off into the Vacation Game!

Sun, beaches and palm trees – all that awaits you in My Sunny Resort. In this entertaining hotel game, you will establish your very own vacation resort. You’ll start off in a tropical beach setting, but later on you’ll get to explore luxury locations worldwide. Dive in to the fascinating world of management games and experience enchanting scenery. As a hotel manager you will start your first beach resort in the game. You will take care of guests, furnish bungalows and do everything you can to provide a truly relaxing atmosphere. My Sunny Resort combines online manager game features with resort game elements. Azure waves rolling softly towards the shore, guests basking in the sun, swimming pools, restaurants, shops and a great assortment of activities – My Sunny resort as it all! There are countless experiences and game options to be had. The further you progress in the game, the more settings and functions will be at your disposal.

As an ambitious hotel manager, you’ll pursue some lofty goals. You want to turn your humble vacation resort into a 5 star destination and establish resorts with a variety of themes all over the world. With the overwhelming number management game tasks, you can hire more and more employees to take care of business in your resort. The more you extend your customer base and improve your resorts, the more hotel dollars you will rake in. You need this in-game currency to buy more attractions, activities, and amenities for your guests. Discover the manager game fun in your browser. Complete exciting quests, and prove your people skills by satisfying and wowing your guests. Join in My Sunny Resort now, make online friends with fellow players, and enjoy the vacation feeling of My Sunny Resort.

The Browser Game with Vacation Vibes

Now you have the opportunity to open your very own virtual vacation paradise. My Sunny Resort provides you with a management game setting that is sure to win you over. The first vacation and leisure resort that you’ll get to design is an exquisite beachfront property. Surrounded by idyllic island game scenery, you will build and furnish bungalows, and spice up your resort property with countless items and attractions and activities for your guests. My Sunny Resort will whisk you away to a beautiful tropical setting in the beginning, as you shape your future as a hotel manager in the warm sunshine. Later on, you will expand your resort empire to include a variety of different landscapes and themes. Entertaining challenges, gripping quests and new delightful game elements await you at every turn. Every new level offers you new opportunities, items and facilities!

If you want to play manager games online, you should definitely check out My Sunny Resort. You don’t want to miss out on this unique online manager game experience, which offers you tons of gaming fun in an extraordinary and lovingly detailed vacation setting. Impress your guests with the stunning beauty of your resort; place decoration items in your bungalows and outdoors and get fantastic reviews from your visitors. After all, having an exceptional reputation will give you even more guests! All you need to be able to experience this special management browser game is a computer with an internet connection. Once you’ve registered for free for the upjers Portal, you can dive right in. Enjoy the virtual manager game sensation. Check yourself into My Sunny Resort and design it however you want. Because you’re the boss in this vacation paradise! Just a few clicks are enough to get started in the hotel game!

Holidays in the Hotel Simulator

Work, where others can only vacation – in the browser game My Sunny Resort, you will open your first leisure facility. Equip bungalows with showers, TVs and beds, and then just sit back and wait for your first enthusiastic customers. How will they respond to your vacation programs? What can you do to make their stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible? Of course, you’ll have a lot of questions when you start out in My Sunny Resort. An experienced hotel manager is there to help! She will present the most important management game functions in this browser game. With her help, you will learn the basics. Afterwards, you can launch right into your manager game adventure. Experience an extraordinary hotel game with an impressive setting. My Sunny Resorts offers tons of entertainment and gaming fun. As you progress in the game, you’ll have more and more features and options to customize your game. Decorate your resort’s property with beautiful decorations such as fountains, surfboards and inflatable mattresses. And of course, you can decorate the lodgings too. Change the walls and floors, integrate more furniture into the living space, place plants and flowers and decorate the resort however you please!

Discover the online management game challenge, establish additional resorts, and send your guests from one destination to the next. Take care of their needs as best as you can – some visitors can be quite a handful! Experience My Sunny Resort, master the challenges, and discover the sunny side of management games – literally. Your guests are waiting for you! Play management games free.