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Mega Monument Constructor

Mega Monument Constructor – It’s Time to Build!

Up, up, and away with the Eiffel Tower, or back to the Era of Egyptian Pharaohs? In this gaming app, you’ll take over construction management for famous monuments! You’re in charge of a rundown construction yard that needs strong leadership to get back on track. There’s lots to do: Land new contracts, hire workers and specialists, and make sure you always have enough building materials!

Construction Site Simulation and Idle Game in One!

In this building game, you’ll manage people, machines, and materials! Will you be able to juggle it all? Let’s start off with your team: You can hire workers and specialists, that each have their own strengths. Once a construction site is active, they will get to work independently. The more workers you hire, the more money you’ll make. In good ‘ole idle-game fashion, your construction yard’s safe will fill all on its own – regardless of whether you’re online or not.

Manage Vehicles, Raw Materials, and Production Chains

Your old construction yard is still home to a fleet parking facility, warehouse and production building. You can expand your fleet little by little by acquiring new heavy construction site vehicles – diggers, cranes and trucks are a must! Your warehouse is stocked with all manner of resources you’ll need to manage for the construction of your monuments. You’ll be able to acquire sand and gravel from the quarry; iron, copper and coal can be obtained from the mine. Soon, you’ll be ready for a production building – this will allow you to process your raw materials into valuable construction supplies such as steel girders, glass, bricks, and even marble.

Your construction site’s production chains will continuously expand, allowing you to realize your dream of recreating famous monuments and constructions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, and more!

Why Are You Building Landmarks in Mega Monument Constructor?

The building simulation’s background story is that you inherited a construction yard. Its last project remained unfinished though – the construction site was supposed to house a theme park modelled around Las Vegas. Just like the real American casino metropolis, it was supposed to feature recreations of famous monuments from all over the world: the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Sphinx, and the Brandenburg Gate were just some of the items on the list of construction projects.

There’s a lot to do. So grab the Mega Monument Constructor app now and get started!

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