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Horse Farm

Horse Farm – A Game for Horse Lovers

These magnificent, graceful, and yet so lovable animals are your stable's pride and joy. There's so much to do on your very own ranch in the exciting horse game, Horse Farm. Create a horse lover's heaven on earth by building cozy lodges and pampering your guests with tasty treats. And of course, your four-legged friends will also receive the best of care on your farm estate. Choose from a wide variety of stunning breeds, and expand your stock. Feed, exercise, and breed your horses. Play now and discover the horse browser game fun with Horse Farm!

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Horse Farm – The Horse Game of your Dreams

Cute Foals, Impressive Horses

Colorful, Fun, and Exciting

Welcome to your very own Horse Farm! Here in the countryside you will establish your own stables. Prove your skill in dealing with horses, and turn your holiday ranch into a thriving enterprise. Tend to your four-legged friends and supply them with ample amounts of water and grain. Give them the exercise they need and get them acquainted with your guests. Soon, your ranch's reputation will precede it and more and more visitors will come flocking to your farm. Design colorful lodges and amenities for your guests, pamper them with tasty treats and provide them with a truly unforgettable stay. The mission board will supply you with exciting challenges. Create the ranch of your dreams and expand your Horse Farm from level to level. Paint fences, window frames and roofs in your favorite colors. Populate your ranch with a multitude of different horse breeds, from Hannoverians and Arabians over Appaloosas and Quarter Horses to cute little Shetland Ponies. Build a breeding station and start your own breeding program to get adorable foals. Seasonal events and regular updates provide new surprises and ways to play at regular turns. Build and expand stables and barns. Make sure your horses receive the best possible care. Manage your own ranch in the middle of the idyllic countryside in this horse browser game. Play Horse Farm for free today! Register for free at and open your own dude ranch. The adventure begins!