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My Free Farm

My Free Farm – the free farm browser game made by upjers

You always dreamed of blooming fields and of running your own farm? Then My Free Farm is just the right browser game for you.

The entertaining farm game lets you run your own online farm. Here, you cultivate virtual fields, harvest natural products, and trade with them, hold livestock and experience a load of exciting challenges. With the farm game MyFreeFarm, set in truly idyllic landscapes, upjers offers you a veritable gem among browser games. You’d like to play for free? Then sign up right here, on our portal, and dive headfirst into the rich country life!

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The popular farm game

Run your own farm

Luscious meadows, soft hills and majestic fields – the farm browser game My Free Farm takes you away into the beautiful countryside. The colorful browser game enables you to run your own farm. You start by sowing the seeds of plants, watering and fertilizing them, and getting them ready for harvesting. The farm game has you starting off as humble farm hand, and lets you work your way up to the top step by step. The more successful you are, and the higher you level up, the larger the array of options at your disposal.

Experience MyFreeFarm’s villages Mootown and Pondsville, hold your own animals, unlock new gaming areas as the picnic area or the forestry, and master exciting challenges. MyFreeFarm isn’t just free-to-play, but also attracts players of all generations. The young or the young at heart: MyFreeFarm has millions of enthusiastic followers worldwide. The amazing farm game can be played without downloads or installations on any web-enabled PC. As soon as you have signed up for free and created your game account, you are ready to explore the first areas, and to plant natural products on your field.

As My Free Farm is a browser game, it can be played with any standard internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.). All calculations are made on the server’s side, thus allowing thousands of players to play on one game server at the same time. Experience the free browser games on, and let us lead you to the countryside.