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My Free Farm 2

My Free Farm 2 – Experience the Online Farm in your Browser

You've always dreamed of having your own farm? With lots of cute animals, fruitful fields, and droves of eager customers lining up to buy your farm-fresh goods? Then try out My Free Farm 2!

Now you can play the entertaining 3D game right on your computer. Experience the browser game version and establish your own online farm. Charming cartoon graphics, captivating features and regular updates make My Free Farm 2 a game you just can't miss. Cultivate your fields, produce high-quality goods and expand your virtual farm operation!

Your Experiences
It's okay, but some things take very much time or you need diamonds, that you have to pay.

My Free Farm 2 – Prove your Skill as a Farmer

This farm will captivate you! In My Free Farm 2 you run your own online farm. As a newcomer to the countryside, you'll learn about the most important aspects of the game step by step. You'll sow your seeds, tend to your fields and harvest a rainbow of crops. From humble onions to exotic sugar cane, you can choose from a wide variety of things to grow. The rich harvest can be processed in various production chains. For example, field flowers will provide you with tasty honey, which can be used to make the ever-popular honey bread. My Free Farm 2, which has its root as an app is now playable as a browser game on your PC, offers you a tantalizing mix of tycoon and building game. The better you are at running your farm, the higher your income of ingame currency, allowing you to unlock more customization options for the farm. With every level up, you'll gain access to new decorations or features and new areas. But what's a farm without animals? Fields aren't everything, and animal husbandry is an important aspect of My Free Farm 2. Fill your online farm with life! Cute piglets, gentle cows, brash goats and curious chickens will create lots of bustle on your property. Check out the browser game version of My Free Farm 2 and show your stuff! Play free now and become a farmer!

The Wonderful Online Farm

Let's go! It's time to establish your own online farm. A few simple clicks are enough to get started in the My Free Farm 2 browser game – before you know it, you'll be creating the farm of your dreams! Register and experience the enchanting idyll of the countryside in all of its wonderful facets. Tend to your fields, befriend neighboring farmers and support them with their daily chores. My Free Farm 2 is sure to captivate you with its lovingly designed blend of tycoon and business simulation. Dive into an entertaining and relaxing world, far away from the bustle of the big city and enjoy the lovingly-detailed cartoon setting. Discover a virtual farm with new customization options and things to explore at every level-up. Grow fruit and vegetables. Harvest them. Process them in unique production chains to make farm-fresh organic goods for your customers, who will pay well for such high quality products. Use the income to invest in new buildings, plants, animals and special decorations. Experience life on he farm. Take care of cute pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. Marvel at the night mode on the farm, which allows you to grow unique crops. You can even open your own bistro on the farm. Regular updates and seasonal events provide long-lasting fun and entertainment. Let yourself be enchanted by My Free Farm 2 – now available for your PC! Register for free at and visit your own online farm now! Experience the colorful farm fun!

Create your own Farm

Full of vigor you launch yourself at the task of plowing your new piece of land. You loosen the soil, bit by bit and plan where you will sow your corn and tomatoes. Entertaining and full of possibilities, the farm browser game My Free Farm 2 allows you to manage your own agricultural property. You'll pick up the basics in the fields and learn about some of the most basic features in s short tutorial, and then you can set foot into the world of farming all on your own. Write your own farm history and design the farm according to your wishes. Explore the possibilities as you take care of your animals, and process your goods into a tantalizing array of wonderful products. Fulfill your customers' demands for produce and animal products. There's so much to do in My Free Farm 2! In addition to day-to-day life, seasonal events and regular updates will spice up the idyllic farm life. Take care of your animals, earn in-game money, expand your farm, create new business opportunities and befriend other virtual farmers. Experience life in the countryside to the fullest! Register for free now and get started in the browser game version of My Free Farm 2! Show the world that you can turn your small plot of land into a flourishing farm business. Play now and establish your online farm. You can finally play the hit game on your PC!