Easter in the Underworld

There are many things that monsters aren't particularly good at. Easter festivities are one of them. But hey, they try!

Ah, the sweet smell of fresh grass in the spring! It's rather delightful. Even monsters would love to roll around in it, if it weren't for that pesky sunlight they'd have to endure...

But as luck would have it, another dungeon dweller has made another extraordinary discovery. Uggo, the resident smithing-troll returned early this morning with exciting news. Unfortunately, words failed him, and between some exasperated grunts, he did his best to try to explain his findings, juggling some rocks and hopping around in circles. Although no one could quite make out what he was getting at, the motley Horde of monsters gladly followed him down to the mysterious Portal he had unearthed while searching for some tasty mushrooms... 

The ragtag crew could scarce believe their eyes! Grass! Like in the world above! Just down below, in the comfortable depths. And nestled here and there among the loamy soil, they made another exciting discovery: Easter Eggs! Sure, there was something undeniably... off... about them, but hey, any eggs are good down here. 

Monsters tell tales of a mysterious being with horrible, vile, long teeth, and disturbingly long and floppy ears. This fearsome creature is said to have a penchant for eggs -- and it is said if you collect enough as an offering, it will reward you with wonderful gifts... It's time to test that theory and get collecting!

You have until Tuesday, April 7th, 2015, at 1:00pm CEST to mine as many Easter Eggs as possible. Tell your monsters whatever they want to hear. That they'll all get nice things from the vicious long-eared one. We all know you're going to snatch those eggs away for yourself.

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