Stunning Mother's Day Topiaries

Our Mother's Day is here, and with it, a stunning assortment of new decorations, including a whole new line of flowery topiaries.

Why stop at flowers? Why not go all out with enormous, animal-shaped topiaries to impress the mothers visiting the zoo with their families on Mother's Day? Well now you can, with our superb Mother's Day Event in My Free Zoo!

Collect Tulips until May 11th by ornamenting your zoo with stunning topiaries, flowery toilets and musically inclined My Free Zoo bunnies. As always, we'll have some fantastic prizes for you, including last year's prize - the Harbor Seal - as well as a brand new species: the Fishing Cat!

Find out everything you need to know in the forums, or just head on over the the game and discover the event for yourself!

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