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Molehill Empire – Enter the garden of Eden of gaming!

The entertaining browser game Molehill Empire lets you create your own garden. You remove roots and rocks and plant different types of vegetables, water the tender plants, and make them bloom. Experience one of the most fascinating garden games online.

Take on the role of gardener, trade your natural products, sell your plants to virtual customers and make it to the top of this online game. The game molehill empire made by upjers offers you a wealth of features. Plus, it is entirely free-to-play. Sign up on this browser game now!

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I love this game!!!!!!! I love every game that upjers Make :)

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Filled with pride, you are casting your eyes on your own garden. Red Radishes are growing next to juicy tomatoes, and your lettuce seems to be ready for harvesting soon as well. The colorful browser game Molehill Empire turns you into a garden gnome and lets you develop your own garden. It’s your job to plant vegetables, fertilize and harvest them. To make more room for new produce, you also need to remove pesky obstacles such as rocks or roots. Experience the organically fuelled, fun-to-play browser game, buy a variety of different seeds, watch your plants grow and unlock new natural products with each level.

Browser games, however offer you many further challenges: complete quests, trade with your fellow players, unlock further playing areas and turn your garden into a true natural paradise. As online gardener, you’ve got many thrilling features and functions at hand. Molehill Empire can be played entirely for free. To open your garden on this browser game made by German publishers upjers, all you need are a web-enabled PC and an email-address.

If these demands are met, you are good to go. As soon as you have signed up on the game’s login page or via our game portal and created an account, the tutorial will teach you the basic moves. Once this introduction has been completed, the browser game will fully commence and you can go ahead and plant your first carrots. Play along for free now.