Arrrr - Talk like a pirate!

upnews_1347631806.pngAhoy all you landlubbers and seafarers! To celebrate this year's "Talk like a Pirate Day", we've got a special campaign for all chief physicians on Kapi Hospital!
All players that log in on "Talk Like A Pirate Day", Wednesday September 19, will get a free Fluffling-Pirate for their gift-box with the daily scratch-card (from Level 2 onwards) - and don't worry, you'll get it even if you don't talk like a pirate.


Additionally, you will be able to take the bus from Sniffleton to Fractureford for free from Monday, September 17th - until September 23rd, 23:59:59 CEST.

Hoist the jolly roger and set sail for Kapi Hospital!
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Kapi Hospital
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