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Farmer's Fairy Tale

Discover our wonderful farming RPG

Our mayor’s instructions are very clear. She welcomes you saying: “Step closer, child. Make haste. There’s much to do.” At first you don’t really know where you are, but you’re intrigued – so you let yourself get involved in this extraordinary adventure.

The outstanding farming RPG Farmer‘s Fairy Tale magically teleports you into a wonderful fairy-tale world. The mayor and her devoted assistant Señor Cato are only two of a vast number of wondrous and quaint NPCs you meet over the course of this unique simulation. Your goal as a fearless heroine in Farmer’s Fairy Tale is to transform a decrepit old ruin of a farm into a flourishing homestead. At the same time, you undertake a fascinating journey of discovery all across the fairy-tale realm. Discover a fantastic game that offers you a wide array of creative possibilities, such as:

  • an outstanding story game with an exciting background story
  • thrilling quests
  • a great selection of game areas which are progressively unlocked over the course of this farming RPG
  • a very special farming simulation with many great ideas, concepts and courses of action
  • a vast number of locations you can visit in your village, such as the forge, the tailor shop, the florist’s, the library, the town hall and the tavern
  • the possibilities of manufacturing different tools
  • great NPCs, such as the Giant Shorty who has a preference for plants, flamboyant Ashley and red-headed Barbara

Farmer‘s Fairy Tale – The story game full of farming fun

Step by step, you get to know the mysterious world of Farmer’s Fairy Tale. Make use of great crafting options in order to manufacture outstanding tools and accelerate your advancement in this  farming RPG. Cultivate crops, reap your harvest and sell it to the merchant. Discover the fantastic adventure and play now for free!

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