Zoo 2: Animal Park - snapping it up!

The latest addition to the growing menagerie of Zoo 2 is a real snappy fellow.

One of the heaviest and strongest turtles by far is the Alligator Snapping Turtle which finally made its way to become the most recent bonus present for Zoo 2: Animal Park. This strong-jawed turtle feeds off fish and other small animals and because of its extremely strong bite may even harm humans.

Purchasing packages with at least 100 diamonds will yield one alligator snapping turtle for free. When ordering a 200+ package of diamonds – either in the app or the browser version – you will get a second alligator snapping turtle making the pair complete.

Also we added a new quest-reward animal: The Okapi! Suggested by our players on Facebook and Instagram, you can get your Okapi starting at level 33. Both players who made the suggestion to add this to the game will receive their Okapis for free.

Housing the Okapi will require an uninhabited forest enclosure while the alligator snapping turtle feels at home on the grass lands.

We hope you will enjoy the alligator snapping turtle and the okapi in Zoo 2: Animal Park!

Zoo 2: Animal Park
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